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If you are planning to bring a rottweiler at home, you certainly require some of the most important details about this breed. This is a medium-large size breed that is categorized as a domestic canine. So, the price of Rottweiler puppy in Kolkata can be higher compared to other dog breeds.

In recent times, this dog breed has become one of the greatest demands for families. Because of their super-loyal and loving nature, this dog breed is considered the best choice. Such high demand has also impacted the Rottweiler puppy price in Kolkata.

There is no denying that this canine would love to spend the whole time with your family. At the same time, they are great guard dogs. They help you to stay away from danger and become security for your home. At first glance, they might seem imposing and wild due to their extreme look.

This is also the reason why most humans feel that Rottweiler dogs are hazardous and violent. However, these are all negative impressions and assumptions about this dog breed which is not true. So it is important that you consider the reputation of a breeder and the Rottweiler dog price in Kolkata offered.

About Rottweiler Breed

The Rottweiler dog breeds are powerful and super muscular working dogs. They are the descendants of the great Roman legions. Because of their remarkable traits, this breed also has popularity among police and military forces. This is another reason why the price of Rottweiler puppy in Kolkata is slightly higher.

Weight36 – 61 kgs
Height1.8 ft – 2.25 ft
Lifespan9 – 10 years
Good withFamilies
Breed typeWorking
PriceRs. 15, 000 to Rs. 35, 000

When they remain inside your house, they are the cute four-legged companion that you will look for. However, when they are outside, you can instantly witness the change. As mentioned, this breed was developed for guarding livestock and herd, which is why they retain protective and guardian instincts.

They can make sure to keep strangers away from your house. However, this will only happen when they feel something different in the stranger, and they have not seen them ever. Apart from this, as these breeds have high energy, they would require vigorous activity and exercise.

History of Rottweiler Breed

Rottweilers are generally considered one of the most surviving and ancient breeds in the world. People believe that this breed shares its lineage with Molossus, who is the mastiff dog. No one actually has an idea about the origin of this dog breed, but it is believed that it has existed since the great Roman times, hence the higher rottweiler price in Kolkata. 

History of Rottweiler Breed

This Roman dog was bred with the local breeds, which resulted in forming a different new breed. After a few centuries, romance established a completely new city in South Germany and named it Rote Wil. As the city quickly turned into a market area, people started taking cattle there for selling. Since then, these dogs have been used to bring cattle to the town.

These dog breeds were among the favorites for butchers, and they crossbred them to form different types of watchdogs, guard dogs, and drought dogs. The Rottweiler club was established in 1921, and it was first brought to America in 1921. In 1931 it was registered with the American kennel club, and its long history also increased the Rottweiler price in Kolkata.

Personality and temperament of Rottweiler breed

As this particular bridge was developed as the guardian dogs, these canines are generally very protective of the owners. So, if you want to suppress the aggressive personality of the Rottweiler breed, it is a must for you to socialize and make it a playful puppy. This will help him to develop a tolerance for strangers.

Apart from this, the temperament of the Rottweiler is strongly influenced by temperament and breeding conditions. Hence, before you bring this breed home, not only do you have to research the Rottweiler puppy price in Kolkata offered by the breeder but also about the environment they were raised in.

Personality and temperament of Rottweiler breed.

When rottweilers are properly bred in satisfactory breeding conditions, they get a confident and calm attitude. However, you must know that they would not be friendly with strange humans and dogs just instantly. They are generally better only with their owners and a guardian dog. They would take time to evaluate, observe and mark new people.

One of the best things about this dog breed is that when you properly socialize them, they would not have any entrance urge to attack strange people. Apart from this, they remain really good with the family inside their homes. Due to their amazing characteristics, the rottweiler price in Kolkata can be different from other breeds. 

Diet of Rottweiler Breed

No denying that the rottweiler puppy price in Kolkata is higher, but you have to maintain their diet as well, which needs the best food. So, you have to make sure of regular exercising and maintain a proper diet to manage your weight. They can grow into very large dogs. So even when you have both a little puppy now, you can stay sure that with proper diet and nutrition, they will soon become a giant.

Diet of Rottweiler Breed

Most commonly, they are carnivorous, which means that they would primarily require meat. Also, know that you should not provide them with any dog food that contains wheat, corn, or soy. 

Make sure to give them food containing 20 to 26% protein. A healthy amount of fat content of around 12 to 16% is a must for a grown Rottweiler. A reputed breeder will not only offer the best Rottweiler dog price in Kolkata but also let you know about feeding tips.


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