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If you are a cat enthusiast and would like to bring home a cute little exotic breed, nothing can be better than choosing a Persian cat. These Persian cats have worldwide popularity and are known for their cuddly and affectionate nature. They can become great companions. If you would like to know more about these Persian cats, this is undoubtedly the best place from where you can get comprehensive knowledge.

In this article, we will try to find out in detail about Persian cat price in India along with several other intricate information. 

What is the Persian cat price in India?

You must know that the Persian cat breed is an exotic breed. It is originally from Persia, which was initially recognised by a common person from Europe. On average, a Persian cat price in India generally starts somewhere around Rs.10,000, which can get higher to Rs.35,000. However, there are several other factors that actually determine the golden Persian cat price in India.

History of a Persian cat

The Persian cat ancestors were initially brought to Europe by the Persian traders. It was somewhere around the 1600s. They were brought from Iran to Italy when they were not famous. However, their history is still a mystery. They have got an unusual appearance which is a result of their popularity. When they were brought to England, they were instantly appreciated and recognized by the common person. 

After this incident, this breed gradually got its importance. Persian cats were one of those breeds that appeared in the very first cat show, which was held in England. When it comes to appearance, they are extremely elegant and have noticeable features, which sets them different from any other cat breed.


There is no doubt the fact that Persian cats are famous for their cute little appearance. They Are available in traditional and punched faces. They don’t like features that include muscles which get visible. While in the punched Persian cat face they have flat or punched faces. Whether you Are choosing a doll face or a flat-faced Persian cat, it is important for you to know that they have round faces with small straight ears and big eyes.

Their big, fluffy bodies with tiny legs and tails make them cuddly. Their eyes are available in different colours, and they have thick coats. It is impossible to resist the cuteness of a Persian cat. A white Persian cat always looks better and more adorable. However, if you wish to know the white persian cat price in India, make sure you ask a reputable breeder. The price will not be much different but will be somewhat higher as it starts from 20,000 and can range up to 50,000. 

Temperament of a Persian Cat

Persian cats have a very welcoming nature. It is very easy to keep them as companions. They have a warm and caring nature and are very loving to their owners. Persian cats can be cuddled and held as you wish. They would definitely not move around like other cats and are known for their laziness. Their affectionate nature is again another factor that keeps them attached to their owners.

They can sit on your lap for hours unless you poke them to get down. You will even find them lying on your couch without moving a bit. Unlike other cats that play around, Persian cats are lazy and want to spend most time doing nothing.


As mentioned above, Persian cats are known for their lazy nature, they require some level of exercise. As they can lay on your couch for hours, if you don’t keep them active, it will result in several health complications. So it is better to take them for a walk or provide them with ample cat toys to keep them active.

However, it is definitely not a great idea if you have a 9 to 5 job and have decided to leave them at home. As they love their owners, they seek attention and love. However, you can leave them for a few hours, but make sure you provide them with food and toys that would keep them active and entertained.

Health issues

Persian cats are, again, one of those breeds that are prone to different health conditions. Most of these problems show up due to their flat-face tie. They generally face breathing, dental, and eye issues due to their extremely flat face. Apart from this, they are also prone to polycystic kidney disease, which results in kidney failure.

Make sure that you always check their ancestors for hereditary diseases as these are again one of the predominant reasons to take the life of these pets.

Choose the right breeder to bring home a Persian

With all the information, it will become easy for you to decide. However, if you want a black cat and want to know the black persian cat price in India, you need to choose the right breeder. However, they are generally within 30,000. Remember that only a reputed and certified breeder will be able to provide the correct price tag on these breeds.


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