Aman Gupta Net Worth

Aman Gupta is a popular name in the world of business and entrepreneurship. He is a person known for his unwavering passion and determination towards innovative India. Aman Gupta, the co-founder of BoAt, has become a prominent face in today’s world. This company is one of the leading electronic companies across the nation. As most people keep searching for the boAt net worth along with other details of Aman Gupta, here we have decided to create proper details about this boat owner.

Education and early life

Aman Gupta was born on March 4, 1982. He was born in New Delhi, India. Aman Gupta education started in Delhi Public School, RK Puram, New Delhi. It is known to be one of the most prestigious institutes in the nation. He was known to be a very diligent student who used to excel in his studies. 

Upon completing his schooling, he enrolled in Shahid Bhagat Singh College. His college life started from 1998 to 2001 when he completed a Bachelor of Commerce with honors. This was a very important period in his life when he started developing an interest in finance and business.

When it was about moving to higher education, Aman Gupta enrolled for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. It was from 1999 to 2002 in order to become a chartered accountant. He was known for his unwavering hard work and dedication, which showed in the result that he was successfully able to complete the CA course. However, Aman was a little bit different from other students. He then decided to improve his knowledge and skills by pursuing an MBA in finance and strategy. So, in the pursuit of improving his knowledge and skills, he enrolled in the Indian School of Business from 2010 to 2011. He also earned an MBA in General Management and Marketing in 2011 at Northwestern University. He was able to get international exposure, which broadened his horizons and helped him to get a global perspective on business and management. Aman Gupta education has been truly diverse, which helped him to gain knowledge about diversity. 

Career and profession

The professional journey of Aman Gupta is definitely an epitome towards his relentless pursuit and entrepreneur spirit for success. His career started at Citibank as the Assistant Manager in 2003. His constant need to have knowledge about Finance was able to pay off when he started his career at Citibank. The role gave him a robust foundation in the finance and banking industry. Later, in 2005, he started a business with his father named Advanced Telemedia Private Ltd. This was the commencement of the entrepreneur journey and marked the beginning of the business leader.

In the year 2011, he became a part of KPMG International Ltd in the role of senior management consultant. This position provided him with the ability to leverage his knowledge and skills to provide strategy consulting services to businesses. In the year 2012, he worked as the Director of Sales at HARMAN International. The position further helped him to polish his skills.

He founded Imagine Marketing India in 2014. The venture provided a significant milestone in his career, and he gained knowledge about the competitive marketing world. Irrespective of the setbacks, he gained a reputation in the industry.

In 2016, he was considered the co-founder of the electronic company boAt. Aman Gupta boat age has not even been a decade, but it has become one of the leading electronic companies in India. This electronic giant provides a wide range of gadgets, including speakers, earphones, headphones and a lot more, at affordable prices.

Personal life

When it comes to Aman Gupta, he has a great personal life. Aman Gupta Wife – Priya Dagar and he is blessed with two daughters, Miraya and Adaa Gupta. This boat co-founder is popular for his dedication towards his family. Even when his work demands his presence, he never fails to prioritize spending quality time with his family.

Aman Gupta house includes all of the family members, which has been the biggest support system in his life. His personal life is a testament to us. They believe that there is a need to maintain a balance between personal and professional commitments. The positivity in Aman Gupta house is something that gives him the motivation to get over the challenges.

The net worth of Aman Gupta

The co-founder and CMO of boAt – Aman Gupta, is known for his significant net worth. This electronic company provides noteworthy variable and audio brands and has gained huge visibility in the market. There is no wonder that it is one of the most common choices for people across India.

According to several sources, the net worth of Aman Gupta can be estimated to be around 700 crores. When it comes to finding boAt net worth, it can be valued as a $500 million company as of 2023.

The wealth of Aman Gupta primarily comes from the successful venture – boAt. However, as he is invested in several other companies, it is equally contributing towards his net worth. It is crucial to note that the amount might fluctuate according to several factors.

Aman Gupta in Shark Tank

The co-founder and CMO of BOAT has been one of the consistent judges in Shark Tank India. His ability to provide valuable insight and look into the details of the budding entrepreneurs makes them a consistent need for Shark Tank.

His presence has always made a mark among the pictures. There have been several statements made by budding entrepreneurs where it was pretty evident that Aman was quite a favorite amongst many. He always offered insightful queries with his witty attitude, as he has a clear understanding of the budding market and its dynamics.

There have been several instances in the Shark Tank, some good and some bad, but it definitely gave Aman Gupta the opportunity to invest in some growing companies. This is definitely something that will add to their net worth and will provide them with other opportunities to increase their wealth.


Aman Gupta – the CMO and co-founder of boAt. Electronics has been making a wealth of money with his ventures. BoAt net worth is evidence of his dedication and commitment towards his company. Additionally, his knowledge and education have helped him to grow and thrive in the entrepreneurship world.


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