Manisha Rani Age

Manisha Rani is a very popular figure in the world of television. Her humorous presence and distinguished way of speaking have gained much popularity. Today, in Manisha Rani biography, we will dive deeper into learning more about this captivating personality. This will provide you with much knowledge about Manisha Rani. 

Early Life and Background

Most people would want to know more about Manisha Rani age and birthday. So, let us take a look into the early life of Manisha Rani. She has always been a small-town girl who became a social media sensation and a reality show star. Manisha Rani birthday is on 10 June 1997. She belongs to the town of Munger Bihar in India. Her humble upbringing with grand dreams has made her one of the most loved sensations on television. She has been very grounded towards her fans and paps.

From a very early age, she has been displaying her passion towards acting and dancing. She has always believed that it is something in her destiny. Despite the challenges and odds, she held onto her dreams with determination and resilience. Her journey from a small town to entering a glamorous entertainment industry is nothing less than inspiring.

Education and struggles

In this Manisha Rani biography, it is important to have knowledge about her education. She completed her schooling at Shankar Puran High School in Munger, Bihar. Despite all the challenges that she faced in her schooling, she was someone who remained steadfast in her dreams. Her unwavering passion for acting and dancing has failed her determination during her school years. After she completed her education, she started a remarkable journey.

She made bold decisions and ran away to Kolkata for dancing. She took different jobs here, like working as a background, dancer and waitress to earn her living. Her story has been a testament towards unwavering determination and hard work from a very early age.

Childhood and Dreams

From a very young age, Manisha Rani has worked on her dreams. After completing her 12th grade, she participated in Dance India Dance. Even when her father objected, her strong determination and unwavering passion remained unshaken. She wanted to become a dancer and actor and wanted to live beyond the ordinary. She has made bold moves, and her spirit and passion eventually led her to get the spotlight.

Manisha Rani’s fearless pursuit of her dreams

Manisha Rani is driven by her unwavering passion and determination. She started this amazing journey at a very young age. She had to make difficult decisions, like leaving her father, who did not initially support her passion, while she fled to Kolkata. She wanted to pursue her dreams of dancing in this city of dreams. Her path definitely has been included with different obstacles, but her unwavering passion and determination led her to her dreams. Nothing changed her spirit towards becoming a dancer and an entertainer. She also gave various photo shoots and videos to make sure about her presence in the digital world.

Bigg boss OTT and beyond

In the year 2023, Manisha Rani made a bold move by participating in one of the most famous reality shows in India, Bigg Boss OTT season two. She showed her amazing talent and her nature. Being an outsider from the world of entertainment, she was able to entertain everyone else in the Big boss house. Manisha Rani Instagram followers before Bigg Boss might not have been great, but her presence in this reality show peaked her up. She also became the second runner-up.

Bigg boss OTT

Her amazing relationship in the house can be marked by her quaky one-liners, love and hate relationship and also providing unapologetic opinions to her fellow contestants. She has been entertaining everyone in the house with her great persona. Viewers could easily resonate with her entertaining spirit and being fearless. Being an outsider who does not belong to the industry, she was able to continue to rise.

After she became the second runner-up in Bigg Boss OTT season 2, she performed and became a contestant in Dance India Dance, where she started showcasing her dancing skills. Her journey in reality TV is definitely a testament towards her determination and resilience.

Personal Details

As mentioned above, Manisha Rani birthday is on 10 June 1997, and she is from Munger Bihar, India. This talented Indian dancer is also a social media influencer who provides captivating content on different online platforms. Before getting recognised, she worked as a background dancer and waitress. Manisha Rani mother name is Ragini Devi. However, her parents got separated at a very early age. She was in fifth grade when her parents separated, but she and her siblings moved in with her father. She has a brother and sister named Rohit Raj and Sarika Rani.

Social media presence

As we all know, social media is one of the most influential platforms that has helped many people choose the careers they want. It is the same with Manisha Rani. She is an Indian dancer along with a social media influencer who has been captivating different and millions of hearts. Her humorous and engaging content on a popular platform like Instagram has made her one of the top influencers. Even though she is from a modest family in Munger, Bihar, her journey to national television serves as an inspiration for self-made success and hard work.

Manisha Rani has a huge Instagram presence where she has over 5 million followers.

Manisha Rani’s Achievement

Manisha Rani has just begun her career in the entertainment industry, so she has a huge path to travel. This talented social media sensation and Indian dancer has gained huge recognition for her outstanding work. Her achievement is a testament to her impact on the industry.

She got the Radio Adda Excellence Award 2022, where she was honored as being the best influencer and entertainer. This acknowledged her ability to create amazing content on social media platforms that captivate the audience. Her unique blend of authenticity, creativity and fearlessness sets her apart from other influencers in social media.

Apart from this, she also received the Ace Influencer and Business Award 2022, which solidified her position. It talks about the multifaceted talent that she has. Apart from the captivating dance performance, she also ventured into the business realm, where she showcased her entrepreneurial spirit.

Recently, she was a part of another famous TV show where she showed her dancing skill. From her many achievements, she is also the one to hold the winning award of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 11. Manisha rani jhalak dikhlaja season 11 winner has already been a part of millions of hearts not only for her dance performances but also for the witty nature and spontaneous dialogues that adds to her charisma. 


So, this is everything about Manisha Rani biography. Hopefully, you have got detailed knowledge about Manisha Rani age, birthday, mother and personal and professional journey. She is a testament to a small-town girl with big dreams. Her influencing graph, along with her humorous spirit, has captivated viewers and big-town celebrities.


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