Oscar fish price in India

If you want to set up an aquarium in your home with Oscar fish, it is probably one of the most common choices. However, the differentiating look of this species makes it one of the most commonly chosen fishes by people. Oscar is a cichlid whose scientific name is Astronotus ocellatus. Even when it is not hard to pet these fishes, it requires you to pay attention to the environment to ensure the health of Oscar fish.

The Oscar fish price in India is generally reasonable. It is mostly available somewhere between Rs. 400 to 600. These are available in a range of colors and hence providing you with several options to choose from. It is one of the most commonly chosen fish found in every Indian aquarium. However, it is necessary for you to understand that there are different varieties of Oscars available in the market. Different varieties have different prices, which is why you would initially require choosing the type before buying.

What are the different types of Oscar fish available in the market?

While different places have different varieties of Oscar fishes, here, we will take a look at the types of Oscar fishes available.

Albino Oscar

The albino Oscars are generally white in color with white scales and silky surfaces. They are available in a variety of intensity and design. The white color is formed due to melanin absence within the tissue. Apart from this, albino Oscars might be available with red and orange undertones.

Wild Oscar

Just as the name goes, Wild Oscars have adapted to live in the wild, which is why they have modified hues, markings, or limbs. These varieties generally have black spots and deep charcoal markings throughout their body. However, their appearance gets changed when they get older. It has a charcoal and black military uniform that helps them to protect against attackers and hunters.

Tiger Oscar

A Tiger Oscar is one of the most popular varieties of Oscar with tiger-like appearances on their skin. The markings are somewhat similar to Wild Oscar. However, this particular species has huge spots with red and a mix of black and charcoal colors. Every Tiger Oscar is available in different tints throughout the body.

Red Oscar

Red Oscar is also a famous variant with dual-colored tones. This specific species has black scales and crimson-red spots that blend throughout its back. The orange-rimmed eyes and black face make them look amazing. These variants are carnivorous.

Black Tiger Oscar

The Black Tiger Oscar is another species that is also known for being the gorgeous type with a black body color and whitish streaks. Several types of these species have whitish stomachs. It features tiger-like markings on the scale and possesses bright orange color of eyes and fins.

Lemon Oscar

Just as the name goes, Lemon Oscars are generally bright and light yellow. It has a pale white body with a light yellow tint that makes them look bright and colorful. These are the crossbred variants with a low to moderate nature of territory.

More information about Oscar fish

So now that you have checked the different varieties of Oscars, you might have some questions about how to raise them. You must know that Oscar fish is generally used in aquaponics. However, it requires a large tank to raise these fish. If you don’t have much space, it is not recommended to buy Oscars. There might be a need to dedicate a whole tank to Oscars, and it can be really expensive than any other species.

Oscar generally grows 1 inch every year. However, it is strongly dependent on the environment and diet provided to them. They can grow to a length of 18 inches. But average Oscars have a length of 11 to 12 inches. However, when you buy them, they will be around 1 to 3 inches.

Oscar price in India

The price of Oscar fish can vary from one place to another. However, on average, the Oscar fish price in India is somewhere between Rs.400 to 600. But, if you are looking for the Oscar fish price in Kerala, it is Rs.200 per piece. But, it is important that you choose a good quality fish with fewer issues.


By saransh