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If you have an aquarium in your home and are fond of aquatic animals, you definitely have heard about goldfish. It is one of the most common types of fish that we pet at least once in our life. So, it is very easy to remember the appearance of goldfish, And we know how adequately they are available in the markets.

Goldfish are one of the most common types because they are a great quiet companion with whom you can talk, and you will find them participating without saying anything because they are aquatic animals. They have a very soothing sight and look extremely gorgeous. Their colours are very vibrant, which makes it possible for you to keep watching them for hours.

Common NameGold Fish
Scientific NameCarassius Auratus
FoodFlakes, Pellets, Vegetables
Age10-15 years
Colors ShadesRed, Orange, Blueish-Grey, Brown, Yellow, White, And Black
Water Requirements68° to 74° F

Even when they are aquatic species, you can enjoy a playful time with them and keep gazing at their different actions. They are really hardy and can easily survive in different conditions, unlike other fishes. They can be fantastic pets and are available at an affordable goldfish price in India. However, keep reading to know more about the goldfish price along with some other details about this aquatic species.

Golden Goldfish price in India

If you are eager to pet goldfish, which are the vibrant aquatic species in your aquarium or bowl, it is imperative for you to know about them. However, the goldfish price in India is very reasonable. It ranges somewhere from Rs 100 and Rs 1000. However, the price significantly depends on the subspecies.

Temperament and behavior of goldfish

These aquatic species are very adjustable and social angels. However, unlike other species that require a lot of pampering and nurturing, they are really hardy. They are peace-loving species and can become a great pair when you keep them in the same bowl with fellow fishes. However, make sure to separate them in the breeding season.

You can also choose to pair with any fish in your aquarium, but avoiding smaller fishes will be beneficial. They have the tendency to eat smaller fishes; hence you have to be a little bit vigilant. Make sure that you set roughage, hiding spaces, and plants so that goldfish can play and feed.
So, before you start looking for a goldfish breeder, understanding them is extremely beneficial. However, keep in mind that the range of Goldfish price in India can change depending on the breeder.

What can you feed to your goldfish?

Goldfish are omnivore species that generally feed on either Aquatic animals or plants. Their favorite food includes live food, Palate, flakes, gel food and frozen food. They are the species that would love to keep chewing on roughage as well. 

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So, it is better that you provide them ample roughage and plant on the tank so that they remain occupied and do not target other small animals. However, make sure that you’re not overfeeding them, as it can become a problem for the owner. You need to keep providing them with proper food but not overdo it, as this way, you need to clean the water frequently.

Varieties and appearance of a goldfish

As soon as you hear goldfish, the very first thing that will hit your mind is its gorgeous appearance of gold and orange. It is one of the most common color combinations available among breeders. However, these species are also available in a range of colour combinations, including orange and white, gold and orange, red and yellow, white and red, yellow and black, and black and red.

The fish size generally varies from 3 to 16 inches and can be easily kept in an aquarium or small bowls as they do not exceed more than 3 to 4 inches. However, when you retain them in a big pool or pond setup, there are chances that they will grow bigger and longer. Habitat and food are some of the most common things that can affect their lifespan and growth rate. 

These species are generally classified into major categories, namely non-fancy and fancy. The fancy categories of goldfish include bubble eyes, Orandas and Ranchus. The non-fancy category of goldfish includes Comets, Common Goldfish, and Shubunkins.

They have a unique oval-shaped body with pelvic and pectoral fins and single caudal, anal, and dorsal fins. Different subspecies will have variation in Goldfish price in India. 

How can you take proper care of a goldfish?

As we have already mentioned, goldfish are known for their hardy nature, so it is very easy to keep. You don’t require any specialized setup for these species. All you need is to provide them with basic requirements. The first thing that you require is maintaining a proper habitat with clean up the water that needs to be changed at frequent intervals. However, they can live outdoors and indoors wherever you wish, but it is better if you avoid direct sunlight exposure.

You can easily keep them in a pond, aquarium, or bowl of any size. They tend to have a huge adjustment nature and which is why they are known to be very hardy. They can adapt to any kind of living, which is the prime reason for breeding these fish in such a huge number. 

Make sure to keep them at a proper temperature which is between 20 to 23°C. In winter, it can easily match up to 12°C. So, before checking the approximate Goldfish price in India, create an ideal habitat for them to thrive.

Choose the right breeder offering the best goldfish price in India

So, with all the details about goldfish and understanding how easy it is to pet these aquatic species, you must be looking forward to buying them. So, it is generally recommended to choose a reputable breeder, who offers high-quality goldfish.

You must know that the best Goldfish price in India will vastly vary depending on the breeder and location. The price will be slightly higher if you’re located in an urban place with a massive demand for goldfish. However, you can stay sure that they are in the reasonable price range. 

So if you are eager to set up your aquarium with all bright colored fishes, nothing can be better than starting with goldfish. These are the easiest to pet and will help you become an expert on setting aquariums.


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