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Ready to make some noise, as Christmas is about to knock? The joy of the festive season will definitely feel you with energy as soon as you hear the ring of Christmas bells. The rush in the streets and bustling markets make the month of December the most delightful time of the year. Buying gifts for your loved ones and making plans to have a blast on 25th December might keep you busy. 

If you are ready to shout ‘Merry Christmas’ loudly, you must be waiting for the most awaited moment of the year. But, hold on!  Have you ever thought why do we say Merry Christmas instead of Happy Christmas? If no, then you should give it a thought. Of course, the phrase is popular around the world. 

A glance at the origin 

According to popular belief, the English admiral used this phrase in 1966 for the first time. In the same era, a non-religious song came into existence with this phrase- “We wish you a merry Christmas”, which is still famous. 

In 1843, the first Christmas card came into existence with the same phrase. That was the time when the phrase became an instant hit and people started using ‘Merry Christmas’ as a Christmas greeting all around the world. 

What Merry Christmas Denotes? 

The phrase Merry Christmas denotes merrymaking of the festival. Irrespective of belief system, Merry Christmas shows the message of love and joy. By greeting strangers with Merry Christmas, you can build an instant connection. 

Merry Christmas is more than a greeting. It is no wonder that this message does not only evaporate misunderstanding between the two but also dissolves anger. Merry Christmas has its profound effect 

Merry Christmas or Happy Christmas!  

Happy Christmas is an emotional condition while merry Christmas is behavior. To wish people luck and good fortune, you can use Merry Christmas. When it is all about the joy and fun of the festive season, you might be interested in using Merry Christmas. The phrase Merry Christmas shows a more active expression of happiness. That is the reason why people often prefer using Merry Christmas instead of Happy Christmas. 

Intention Matters, Words Don’t 

No matter what term you use to greet others on Christmas, it’s intention that matters. It is true that words make no sense until they are expressed in the right place. It is up to you what you want to use to greet others. After all, Christmas is all about joy and fun that embrace you during the festive season. 


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