Jaipur literature Festival

Do you love traveling? Do you have a hunger for experiencing something that is out of the ordinary? What about turning to the literary world this time? Satiate your desire and excite yourself in the literary world. Heading to Jaipur literature Festival is indeed a good choice to set for an upcoming staycation. It is the world’s largest and most popular free literary festival that attracts over 300,000 readers of all ages.  

Quick facts for avid readers 

If you are looking to pursue a trip to the amazing Jaipur literature Festival, you might be interested to know everything about the Jaipur literature Festival. Check out the facts below and tackle the book lover in you: 

Date – 25th to 29th January 2019

Place – Diggi Palace, Jaipur 

You might get amazed by attending this festival. In fact, you should start planning your visit to Jaipur literature Festival right away. However, you must be aware of everything that matters to your visit to Jaipur literature Festival. If you need reasons why you should attend the event, then this guide is just for you. Let’s have a look at some facts that you need to be aware of first. 

1. The largest congregation of world-renowned books 

Jaipur literature Festival is a book lovers’ paradise on earth. You will get the rarest collection of international books under one roof. Now, be there on time and attend the event. 

2. Reading 

The impeccable reading sessions by the laureates of the field is the main attraction at the event. The main highlight of the festival, reading sessions take you to a different world and put a great impression that lasts with you for a while. 

3. Discussions and Debates 

Be ready to hear some of the great personalities here and be a part of debates or discussions. The Jaipur Literature Festival indeed serves everything that enhances your experience of attending the literary festival. 

4. Meet and Greet the Authors 

If you want to meet with the great personalities, who wrote your favorite book, you must attend this Jaipur literature Festival. You will definitely get a chance to talk to them and embrace the spectacular experience served by the festival. After all,  only a book lover understands the importance of building connections with his favorite author. 

5. Live Music 

Stay impressed by the extensive talents and enjoy live music at the festival. There will be numbers of local and international bands that keep you entertained throughout the festival. 

Of course, there is nothing you want to miss at the Jaipur Literature Festival. Now,  be ready to head to the Jaipur literature Festival and raise the bar of your knowledge.


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