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Is the magic of festive seasons spread everywhere in your house? Coming of Christmas is the indication that the festival season is just around the corner. You might always be interested in making plans for Christmas. What about other festivals that follow Christmas and bring you the feel of enthusiasm? Other festivals around this holiday season are also quite amazing. The festival season is not just limited to Hanukkah a Jewish celebration but there is something else that is called Kwanzaa. 

Have You Ever Heard of It? 

The festival of Kwanzaa or the National Whiners Day might be new to some people in the comparison of Christmas and Hanukkah. You might not have heard people discussing Kwanzaa. If you have no idea about this festival and don’t have a clue when it started, then this article is just for you. Actually, there is a lot to know about where Kwanzaa came from and why people celebrate it. You might have questions in mind. Why don’t you dive into the origin of Kwanzaa instead of wasting time? 

A Bit About History 

Dr. Karenga is the founder of Kwanzaa and it was first introduced in 1966. This was the trying time when Dr. Karenga was searching for a way to unite the African American community in the United States. He starts searching about how the harvest celebration was observed in Africa. This term Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili language, which means first fruits. 

What’s All About Now? 

People now follow different ways to celebrate this festival as they put their own spins in the celebration of Christmas. What makes this festival truly special are the activities that include listening to African music, listening to poetry, plenty of dance and of course, enormous feast. This festival is celebrated from 26th December to 1st January. During this week-long festival, the whole family and friends gather each night to light a candle on the candleholder. 

Total seven candles were lit over seven days that represent the seven principles of African culture. These seven principles are: 

#1. Unity 

#2. Self-Determination 

#3. Collective Work and Responsibility 

#4. Collective Economics 

#5. Purpose 

#6. Creativity 

#7. Faith 

Kwanzaa is indeed a magical time that brings people and family together. This festival has a special place in people’s hearts. Kwanzaa delivers a strong message that teaches us the power of togetherness. It’s all about creating a safe, strong, and sane world together. This festival also gives you reasons to trust in our capacity to do the best when we are together. Now, seek inspiration and shout aloud Happy Kwanzaa…!


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