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Digging deep into history and politics is something that people generally enjoy. The strongest base of any country’s law, “The Constitution” is something that makes people feel safe. The supreme rule book we call ‘The Constitution of India’ is known as a document that gives details about what the citizens of India can do and can’t do. In order to keep the country developing and prospering, the Indian Constitution ensures laws and orders in society. 

Being a responsible citizen of India, we are not only bound to respect the laws but also rely on our great constitution to promote equality and to protect our fundamental rights. Do you actually know what are the interesting facts about The Constitution of India? Isn’t it something that often grabs your attention? If you are someone who is keen to know what actually this supreme book of rule brings to the table, then this post is just for you.  

Here are some facts that are interesting enough to be known by every responsible citizen of the country: 

Fact #1

Prem Behari Narain Raizada wrote the original Constitution of India with beautiful calligraphy in a flowing italic style. 

Fact #2

The original Constitution of India was written in two languages- Hindi and English. These original copies are kept in the Library of the Parliament of India. 

Fact #3

Do you know which country has the longest written constitution in the world? Yes, stay proud to know that India is the only sovereign country in the world, having the longest written constitution in the world. 

Fact #4

The final draft of the Indian constitution took precisely 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to come into existence through the Constituent Assembly. 

Fact #5

Over 2000 amendments were made when the draft was made for debate and discussion, before it was finalized. 

Fact #6

Do you know why the Constitution of India is known as a ‘Bag of Borrowing’? The constitution-makers of India took inspiration from the constitutions of various countries. This is why it is called a bag of borrowing. 

26th January 1950, when the Constitution of India came into existence, is one of the most important dates to be noted for celebration as a national festival. It is quite interesting to explore how the Indian constitution was formed. Now, keep exploring and stay proud to be an Indian! 


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