International Labour Day

“Labor Day is one of the most important holidays that symbolizes the strength of our nation that is just built by the working class. 1st of May is not just international labor day but also a chance to be thankful to the working class that contributes to the smooth running of everything.”

Barbecuing the meat, soaking up the sun at the beach, and shopping till you drop would be something that US labour day is all about in today’s time. In India, the international Labor Day has sowed its roots on the 1st of May 1923. The world workers day is celebrated worldwide as a holiday for all the working class that works each day to keep everything running smoothly. Of course, the day is of utmost importance and there is a great labor day meaning and history behind why we call Labor Day May Day. For many countries, the day has become a reason for celebration as Labor Day worldwide. In fact, the history of workers day is also quite interesting. 

Well, Labor Day is just around the corner and there is a lot to know about it. This post is all about the story on Labour Day and the history of international Labour Day. So, let’s get started and enhance our knowledge about why May Day is international workers day. 

A Glance at Important Facts from Past

Labor Day is important for various reasons. In fact, such reasons behind national workers day are what define the relevance of this day in the lives of the working class. Have a look at why labor day is important. 

1 – The labor union mobilized the movement at times of rising industrialization is where the world labour day has its origin. 

2 – Industrialists started exploiting the labor class by forcing them to work for up to 15 hours a day. 

3 – Finally, the union raised their voice and took the courage to fight for injustice on May Day to demand paid leaves and proper wages. That’s why the 1st of May, as international workers day, has great importance in the history of workers. 

The labour day history is quite interesting and marks its importance in the life of everyone, who belongs to the working class. 

May Day Celebration in India

May 1 labor day has become popular not only in India but across the world. Of course, there are many things that make labor day interesting in India. In fact, there are facts that you should also be aware of before knowing why the day is famous with different names. Let’s take a glance at some pointers to know the labor day facts and history in India. 

1 – The first celebration was organized on May 1, 1923, by the Labour Kisan Party of Hindustan in Madras. 

2 – During the first celebration of Labor Day, the Red Flag was used in India for the first time. 

3 – The day is marked as Maharashtra Day and Gujarat Day in 1960- when two western states in India attained statehood. 

4 – Labor Day is celebrated in more than 80 countries including India. 

The national labour day in India is known by many other names such as majdur day, kamgar din, majdoor diwas or mazdoor diwas, and shramik divas. 

Celebration of Labor Day Means A Lot

Celebrating labor day in India is indeed the best way to respect the working class that ensures the smooth running of everything. In fact, the day is important in the honor of 1 may labour day history. Even if the labor day reason to celebrate is infinite, folks, and also the government of India do respect the working class. This is the reason why May 1st international workers day is a gazetted holiday in India. In the past, the rise of the labor day movement was certainly the most important day for those who belong to a vulnerable class. This is the reason why the first May as labour day in history has its own significance and its celebration means a lot. 

Labor Day Around the World

Labor Day has become one of the most popular national holidays in many countries. The day has become important for the working class. In fact, major countries celebrate the day. The list of countries where you will hear people shouting happy labour day across the globe includes Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Mauritius, Nigeria, Norway, Portland, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Yemen, Zimbabwe, United States of America, and all the major countries. 

No May Day for Americans

Labour day celebration is indeed an occasion of celebrating life in almost every country. Usually, 1 May workers day is celebrated with joy and happiness all around the world. Most countries celebrate the international labor day as May Day but the concept is the same. However, countries such as the United States don’t celebrate May 1st workers day. The United States celebrates labour day on the first Monday of September to pay tribute to the achievements and contributions of American workers. The importance of labour day is quite far above the ground in the USA. 

The first labour day was celebrated in September 1882 by the Unions of New York City. Around 20,000 people were there in the labor day parade to celebrate their union. The people marched for labor rights through the streets of Manhattan. That’s the reason why labor’s day is celebrated on the first Monday of September every year. 

May Day and Haymarket

1st may labour day has its own importance even if people don’t know much about it. Happy international workers day is held on the first Monday of September in the United States. However, there is a history of May 1st, 1886, and Haymarket that a few people know about. 

On May 1st of 1886, Chicago unionists, reformers, socialists, anarchists, and ordinary workers united to make the city a center of the national movement where they protested for 8-hour days. They attended scores of meetings and parades 19 times through the street. On May 1st, around 35000 workers left their job and adopted the radical demand of eight hours’ work. 

May Day Celebration- The Celebration of Labourers

In India, 1 may is kamgar din and it is an official public holiday to honor the contribution of working class people in society. May 1st workers day is marked as People’s Republic in India and that’s why we call 1st may world labour day. The happy workers day is celebrated in the veil of public holiday in India. The government also promotes 1 may mazdoor diwas as happy mazdoor diwas and that’s why the working class is given a formal holiday in the honor of the international labor movement. The ancient European spring festival also occurs every year on May 1 world labour day. 

Labor Day Worldwide in a Glance

The labor day 2020 is about knocking the doors. May Day or 1st of may labor day is an official holiday in around 66 countries at present.  1 may day of labor is also celebrated unofficially in many more countries. However, the date varies across countries, as May 1st labour day is associated with the coming of spring and celebration of a worker in many countries. Check out the list of countries below and mark the date for happy international labour day. 

  • Algeria – May 1st is celebrated as a labor day 
  • Egypt- labor day on May 1st
  • Ethiopia- 1st May is a public holiday as May Day 
  • Ghana- May 1st is labour day in 2020
  • Kenya- 1 May is labor day 
  • Libya- May 1st 
  • Morocco- public holiday on 1st May 
  • Tunisia- 1st May 
  • Uganda- May 1 
  • Argentina- May 1st 
  • Canada- Canadian labor day is on First Monday of September
  • Mexico- 1st May is labor day in 2020
  • United States- First Monday of each September
  • China- 1st May of 2020 is labor day
  • India- 1st of May 
  • Israel- May 1st 
  • Europe- May 1st of every year 
  • Germany- 1st of May 
  • France- 1st of May 
  • Portugal- May 1st 

Today is celebrated all around the world including many European countries, Asian countries, Central America, South America, and many parts of the Caribbean. In India, labor day work laws provide protection to workmen. The labor day act assures that laborers can work freely. In fact, the act controls the relationships between the company and the worker. The law concerns employees’ rights in the workplace. 

Holidays across the globe have their own significance. When it comes to the labor class of the country, everybody should be thankful for their contribution to the nation’s development. Certainly, we all must remember the importance of May Day as Labor Day. After all, it brings us a chance to be thankful to our nation’s working class for its contribution to the smooth running of everything.  


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