rohu fish price in mumbai

Of the many fishes available in the market, Rohu fish is known for its delicious taste. The preparation of Rohu is standard in every house. The high nutrient levels and flavor make it one of the biggest and most common choices of people. However, before you prepare it for your family, you might want to know about the benefits of this fish.
Before talking about the Rohu fish price in Mumbai, let’s find out more about Rohu fish and its many benefits.


Rohu fish belongs to the family of carp and is most commonly available in central and northern India. Apart from this, it is also common in Myanmar, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is a very colorful fish with dark scales and a golden brown belly. The fins are bright red, and their texture is smooth but not oily. The best part is these fish do not have a fishy taste. 

Besides, there are several nutrients that you can derive from this fish. It is packed with protein, vitamins A, B, and C, rich omega-3 fatty acids, and has low fat. If you have a Bengali friend, or you are Bengali, you know how the Rohu fish is a regular part of the diet. It can be prepared from spicy curries to a simple dish that can bring a happy smile to the faces.

If you want the scientific knowledge of Rahu, then here is everything about it. 

ClassActinopterygii (Ray finned fish)

Size & body structure of Rohu fish

The maximum weight of Rohu fish can go up to 45 kgs and they generally wait around four kgs. An adult Rahu can have a length from 0.5 to 2 m. They have bluish or brownish dorsal surfaces with a white silvery underline. Their entire body is thoroughly covered with overlapping and large sized cycloid scales. These scales are flat and bony in structure.

Rohu has a depressed head that generally forms blunt, short, and obtuse snouts. It also has paired nostrils and eyes with a fringe shaped mouth. The flushy upper and lower lip of rohu are slender with filamentous barbels are pretty visible. It contains dorsal, homocercal, ventral, anal and pectoral fins.

Nutrition value in Rohu fish

While purchasing Rohu fish, you should always pay attention to buying fresh fish. It is always recommended not to choose frozen fish as it does not contain the same nutritional value. So here we will find out one piece of Rohu fish and its nutritional value.

Sodium2199 mg
Vitamin A5%

Benefits to eat Rohu fish

There are multiple benefits of having this particular fish. It contains a considerable amount of minerals, vitamin C and proteins. So let us find out how you can benefit from having Rohu fish for your health.

Benefits to eat Rohu fish

1 – Prevents cold and cough

Even if you might not be aware, the reality is Rohu fish has a huge amount of vitamin C, which can be exceptionally beneficial for you. The presence of vitamin C prevents colds and coughs, and nausea.

2- Helps in growth and bodybuilding

If you want to give this fish to a baby on a daily basis, Rohu fish is probably the safest option. It contains a vast amount of protein which can be exceptionally beneficial in the growth stage. Apart from this, bodybuilders can also find it valuable. It has protein that can be helpful in the overall growth procedure along with muscle building. So, it can be given to aged people along with children due to the right amount of protein present in this face.

3 – No presence of fat

The best part about this fish is that even when it provides a range of benefits, it is excellent for people who want to keep their health intact. This is the reason why it is mostly suggested by fitness trainers or dieticians. It contains no fat but only protein that can become a great combination to your diet regime.

4 Improves brain functioning

Rohu fish can be helpful in improving your brain functioning. Mainly the intelligence factor can be triggered by it. The balance has been proven between the brain and fish as it plays a significant direct role in increasing brain activity. Therefore, you will mostly find pediatricians prescribing face to babies on a daily basis.

5 – Skin treatment

Rohu fish can be an excellent choice for your skin. It is a great anti-ageing factor that maintains the nourishment and health of your skin. It acts as a shield and prevents your skin from looking dull.

6 – Cancer treatment

Cancer is the deadliest disease in the world, and we don’t want any of our family members or others to suffer. However, consuming Rohu fish can help to prevent it. It has a considerable amount of antioxidants that can be helpful in fighting cancer present in the human body.

7 Vision improvement

The availability of vitamin A in Rohu fish can be helpful in eyesight development. We are all aware of how vitamin A can be beneficial in vision maintenance. Rohu fish can be an excellent choice to prevent night blindness; hence, you should keep it as a regular diet for your little one.

8Pregnancy benefits

During pregnancy, Rohu fish is the most commonly prescribed choice by pediatricians. Unlike several other fishes that contain Mercury, Rohu fish is definitely not in the category. Mercury must not be intake or even the tiniest amount while pregnant. As Rohu fish do not have Mercury, it contains protein, zinc, magnesium, iron and vast amounts of minerals and vitamins, which is great during pregnancy.

Side effects of Rohu fish

As we have already mentioned, Rohu fish is exceptionally beneficial for health, there are some side-effects as well. However, the side-effects are very minimal if you can maintain the quantity. As the fish contains omega-3 fatty acid, it can become a great choice for the heart. However, it might not be a great choice for people who already have cholesterol as it contains cholesterol.

For example, our body requires 100 MG cholesterol on a daily basis and it already produces 70% of it in the body itself. So the remaining 30% is not a mandatory requirement. Therefore, if you have heart issues and high cholesterol levels, it would be better to avoid Rohu fish.

Famous recipes

If you’re about to prepare Rohu fish, you must know that there are a range of recipes that you can prepare. from some of the high-end recipes that can be easily served to guests to simple and easy to cook preparations.

Following are some of the most popular preparations and recipes of Rohu fish

  • Rohu fish with tomato and mustard curry
  • Rohu fish with vegetables
  • Rohu fish with mustard gravy.
  • Doi katla¬† or Curd Rohu
  • Fry rohu fish
  • Easy ginger, garlic curry with potato
  • Rohu fish head with lentils

Supply of rohu fish in Mumbai

If you would like to have Rohu in your regular diet, you can easily find it everywhere in the market. Whether you choose to buy online or off-line, Rohu is available everywhere and a fish market.

If you are looking forward to finding fresh Rohu fish online, you can find several online suppliers like Bigbasket, supplying fresh Rohu. Remember that the price might very from one supplier to another and changes on a day to day basis.

Rohu fish price in Mumbai 

The best part about this fish is that it is available everywhere. If you are staying in Mumbai and want to know whether you can enjoy the delicacy of this fish in your location, the answer is yes. Apart from this, the Rohu fish price in Mumbai is exceptionally reasonable, which makes it a great choice to be included in your daily diet.

If you also want to buy online, you can find several online suppliers available in the market providing fresh Rohu fish at the best competitive prices. Being packed with impressive usefulness and available at a reasonable price, you must leverage the benefits and availability and start having Rohu fish by making different preparations.


By saransh