Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba Grand Trunk Road Murthal Haryana

Do you want to enjoy the delicacy of Dhaba? Well, India is known for its outstanding traditional cuisine, and the Dhaba culture is one of the predominant ones. Of the many popular dhabas, the Amrik Sukhdev Hotel provides you with an opportunity to enjoy a fantastic selection of food preparations. This Dhaba is known to be attached to the heart and soul of the owners.

The Amrik Sukhdev Hotel provides you with an excellent selection of both international and national dishes on its menu. The wide variety of videsi and Desi delicacies will make you lick your fingers. While the Dhaba provides a vast range of choices, it is primarily famous for the parathas. These are served with creamy, soft, and handmade butter, which makes the entire thing a great enjoyment.

With a reasonable Amrik Sukhdev Paratha price, it has become a staple for people. It is generally served with a hot chai cup which makes it one of the most chosen delicacies on the menu. Apart from this, if you look at the menu provided at Amrik Sukhdev Hotel, you will find quite a vast range of foreign dishes, Tandoori and Tawa.

If you ever visit Sonipat, you should definitely visit the Amrik Sukhdev Sonipat Hotel. The huge varieties in their menu, along with the reasonable price, make Amrik Sukhdev Hotel an excellent choice for foodies. They have great dishes for different seasons as well. 

You can get relief from the scorching sun in the summer with the cold ice creams and amazing kulfis, along with enjoying moong dal Halwa and Gulab Jamun in winter. The huge range of delicious dishes present on their menu makes them one of the best choices in the area.

Amrik Sukhdev Owner – The Master Behind The Masterpiece

As Amrik Sukhdev Hotel in Sonipat is known for its great delicious menu and mouth-watering dishes, it also has great founders behind such a masterpiece. The Amrik Sukhdev owner and founder is Sardar Prakash Singh. He initially started this eatery in the year 1956 for truck drivers. However, currently, the Amrik Sukhdev Hotel is managed by his sons.

Currently, the Amrik Sukhdev owners are Sukhdev Singh and Amrik Singh. The amazing menu, including mouthwatering meals, was initially served by Sardar Parkash Singh. It included sabji, dal, roti, and rice. To make sure that the Amrik Sukhdev Hotel does not forget its legacy of the past days, even now, the hotel brings richness to the food culture.

In recent times, the Amrik Sukhdev Hotel is not only a place for truck drivers but also for everyone who would like to taste the delicacies. The new, classic decor and fantastic hospitality that one can get at Amrik Sukhdev Hotel make it one of the best choices. They maintain their authentic Indian cuisine, which has been expanded to make sure that everyone is able to get their favorite dishes. It includes both South and North Indian delicacies, along with serving global flavors.

Whether you want to enjoy Indian delicacies or you’re more into continental, Chinese, and other sweet dishes, Amrik Sukhdev Hotel is never going to let you down. Its unparalleled menu has been created keeping in mind the different taste buds and their requirements. Keeping in mind the need for continuous service and ensuring a relaxing ambiance, this hotel becomes a convenient choice for every food adventurer. 

The amazing Amrik Sukhdev Menu

Keeping in mind the need for people, the Amrik Sukhdev Hotel constantly provides a wide array of delicacies. However, it made sure to hold the roots by providing some amazing menus like a wide range of parathas, including Aloo Paratha, onion Paratha, Gobi paratha, Muli paratha, Aloo pyaaz paratha, and a lot more. You can stay sure that you will be able to taste the best food at a reasonable price. Take a look at the Amrik Sukhdev Paratha price and make your order.

Apart from the parathas, you can also find sandwiches, burgers, fries, pastries, pizzas, pasta, and a lot of other things. If you are looking for coolers, you can find fresh lime soda, fresh lime water, green apple, and a lot of different things. Some of the unique beverages include green tea, tea, special tea, cold coffee, and a lot of other Desi and Videsi drinks. You can also find pastry shakes as well. 

Even if you want other South Indian dishes or Tandoor snacks and general Indian snacks, the Amrik Sukhdev Hotel has a choice ready for everyone with different taste buds. So make sure to visit this delicacy hub if you want to taste the richness of the food and flavors.


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