What is the Kafal tree and its Benefits?

The Himalayas is a place where you get some of the most beneficial herbs. One of the names that you might not have heard of is Kafal fruit. Even when we consider it a fruit, it is an ancient medicine in ayurveda. This evergreen shrub consists of a fruit that resembles a blackberry. So, let us check out in detail about Kafal fruit benefits and why it is famous as an ancient medicine.

What is Kafal

Kafal is a type of fruit that is found in the Himalayas. These are pungent, better, short, and hot. It is also known to improve the sexual health of men. Apart from this, this fruit is known to treat a range of diseases like diabetes, loss of appetite, piles, leprosy, respiratory problems, gut disease, obesity, fever, urinary incontinence, and other bowel syndromes. It is also known to be beneficial for swelling and burning.

What are the many Kafal fruit benefits

This fruit is extremely popular in ayurveda, especially the seeds and leaves, whereas the fruits and flowers offer medicinal benefits. Let us find out how this kafal fruit tree is known for treating different diseases.

Beneficial for headaches

You can make use of the fruit as an excellent remedy for headaches. Due to our hectic schedule and our stress during work, headache is one of the most common things that we experience. So you can make powder of this Kafal bark and breathe. It will help to relieve headaches. Apart from this, you will feel instant relief from this fruit.

Helpful for eyes

There are several diseases that generally affect our eyes, which include night blindness, eye pain, redness, and others. When you use Kafal, it can be helpful in treating such problems. You can also try to make a Kajal by using ghee and Kafal. You can also add Himalayan salt. Applying Kajal to your eyes, just like any other day, can be helpful for your eyes as it relieves you from the different types of eye diseases.

Relief of ear pain

Kafal fruit in Uttarakhand is mostly used for a range of purposes. One of the most relevant and used cases is for relieving ear pain. Ear pain becomes intolerable if you have suffered from any disease or cold. So when you use Jack oil that has been mixed with Kafal fruit on your ears, it can provide relief. However, you have to prepare the oil properly using Kafal fruits to enjoy the benefits.

Great for toothache

The bark of this tree is known to relieve toothache. You will feel the benefit when you press the bark between your teeth and you eat. Even if you rub the powder on your teeth and use vinegar to grind it, consuming Kafal can be beneficial in experiencing instant relief from toothache. Kafal Uttarakhand is greatly popular for its many health benefits. 

Cough relief

It can be traumatizing for your health if you have been suffering from a cough and cold due to seasonal changes. If it is not improving, even after taking several medicines, it is time that you try the kafal fruit tree. However, you must know the way to prepare the medicine so that it becomes beneficial for your condition. You can lick 1 to 2 g of flour with honey, and you can find relief in your throat.

Treat diarrhea

Just like you checked, Kafal fruit with honey could be an excellent choice for cough relief; it is also very useful for people who are suffering from diarrhea. It is generally caused by eating outside foods, packaged foods, and spicy foods. You can also take 1 or 2 g of tamarind powder with the mixture to find relief.


While this fruit has immense importance in Ayurveda, you can also start using it for your purpose. Buransh tree is also very useful along with Kafal. However, you must know that you require preparing it correctly and having the right amount. This amazing fruit available in nature is highly beneficial for improving your health and enjoying its importance. Remember that you cannot just buy kafal fruit unless you know that it is really the original one.


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