mushrooms good for your health?

Mushrooms are available in different sizes, colors, and shapes. They are readily available in the market. However, mushrooms that are not toxic for health are considered really tasty and healthy. These mushrooms contain several vital minerals and vitamins that can help our body and promote growth. 

As there are different types of mushrooms, it is hard to identify the toxic ones in the wild. Therefore, choosing a reliable market or store for buying a mushroom is mainly suggested. Also, pay attention to the mushroom colour while choosing them from the grocery store to ensure their freshness.

For several years, mushrooms were only used due to their capacity to add flavors to different cuisines. Even when these are fungi, mushrooms are categorized as a vegetable due to their cooking purposes. It helps you to add taste without fat or protein. Some of the most common varieties of mushrooms available in grocery stores include crimino, shiitake, portobello, oyster, maitake, etc.

How to choose a mushroom?

If you have kids in your home, you must be aware of the quality. So while you are choosing a mushroom, be it of any color like black mushroom or red, make sure that you hold them. They should be firm and not moist while you touch them. Besides, there shouldn’t be any mold on the mushrooms.

You can easily store them inside the fridge in a paper bag for almost 5 days. However, when you are ready to use the mushrooms, it is better to brush them lightly and adequately rinse them.

Health benefits of Mushrooms: 

Mushrooms are really great for your health. They have low calories, sodium, and fat and are cholesterol free. These foods are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The nutritional benefits might vary depending on the mushroom type you are choosing. However, they can be a great source of these nutrients.


It is a soluble dietary fiber, which is mostly linked to boosting your heart health and improving cholesterol. This specific compound can help regulate the blood sugar level and reduce type two diabetes. The oyster and shiitake mushrooms are considered a primary source of beta-glucans.


Antioxidants are considered really helpful as it protects our body from any kind of damage against free radicals. These can result in several conditions like cancer and heart disease. Antioxidants are powerful elements in the body that protect against aging and boost the immune system. Since mushrooms have higher antioxidants, they can be a great source of minerals.

Vitamin B:

Mushrooms contain higher vitamin B, including niacin, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid. This powerful combination can be extremely protective for your heart health. This is the reason why several health practitioners suggest having a red mushroom, as it promotes red blood cells. Niacin present can be a great choice for healthy skin and digestive systems. Pantothenic acid is beneficial for the nervous system and produces the hormones your body requires.


Our body requires a proper amount of potassium as it is vital when it comes to nerve functioning, muscle, and heart. Mushrooms contain a good amount of potassium which can meet daily requirements.


Copper is extremely beneficial in making your body red blood cells that generally deliver oxygen throughout. This mineral is known to process several other body functions, like maintaining your nervous system and healthy bones. 1 cup of mushroom serving can give you one-third of the daily Copper requirements.

Health Mushrooms recipes:

Mushrooms are known for their versatility. You can easily prepare them with a range of ingredients and enjoy meals. You can simply make a matar mushroom recipe or spinach stuffed mushroom to make it beneficial for your health. Apart from this, if you want to add even more taste to it, you can include tofu or meat with noodles and mushrooms to enjoy the delicious meal.
Now you can find mushroom powder for weight gain available in the market that can be beneficial as it contains some extraordinary vitamins and minerals. It promotes healthy living and ensures getting a proper weight to fight against several diseases.


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