Tetra Pack Juice is Good For Health

The amazing look of the tetra pack has been one of the most critical needs for people. The juicy pack of packed juice is covered with water droplets, which have been one of the prime requirements of people. The Tetra pack juice promises to offer no added sugar and 100% packed juice. It seems like marketers have done enough research to make the tetra pack juice look healthy and appealing. It claims to have become an excellent substitute for actual fruits.

Nevertheless, the truth of the tetra packed juice comes down to tasting the fruit juice. Until a few years back, there was no such culture of consuming canned or packaged food. However, as people are getting more obese, especially kids, it has become a major concern for parents. Renowned dieticians and nutritionists talk about the pros and cons of consuming packed juice.

If you are thinking about giving packed juice to your little one, there is a need to check whether the Tetra packed juice is good for your health. So without any further talking, let us find out more about the advantages and drawbacks of packed fruit juice.

According to a reputed health coach and nutritionist from Washington, a person takes different calories when they drink them rather than eating them. Most people get one-third of their daily calories from calorie drinks and sweetened products.

Another celebrity nutritionist has said that sugar is not a problem in packed juice, but the packaging and processing of the food which has the highest sugar. It is mostly derived from the high fructose corn syrup that leads to obesity.


Getting more from the fruits

Most of the consumers do not like fruits because of the lot of work they need to do to eat them. Therefore, fruit juice becomes one of the easiest ways to enjoy and get all the benefits. It provides all the nutrients that you need or get from foods without investing much time into eating them. This is also a reason why people mostly choose packed juice, as it tends to make people get more fruit juice compared to eating fruits.

A better quality diet

Fruit juices are definitely a great choice when it comes to improving your diet quality. As we tend to give up on having fruits due to the hard work we need to put into eating, it tends to be an ignored choice. However, choosing packed juices can offer 100% fruit juice with better diet quality in adults. It offers key nutrients like potassium, magnesium, and Vitamins A and C.

Phytonutrient boost

Apart from the minerals and vitamins that are present in this fruit juice, you also get other nutrients to give a fight to nutrient boost. Phytonutrients are generally compounds that are made with plants having higher anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and other health benefits. In a study from 2015, it has been witnessed that half a cup of grape juice offers the required amount of polyphenols, which reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease, including your BP levels.


Loss of nutrients

Even when you believe that fruit juices are great for health, you must know, especially the packed fruit juice or not. When fruit juices are boiled, they are not even close to being good for health. When you find tetra pack juice or any other packed juice, these fruit juices can last six months. Then it is easy to understand that these juices are not even close to being natural.

Therefore, the manufacturers are doing something to improve their shelf life which is justified. It is the heat treatment made on these drinks which are obtained after pasteurization. As oxygen is depleted from the juice, it only remains concentrated, which is nowhere like the actual fruit.

Fiber loss

Fruits are most commonly known for being power-packed with Fiber. It is essential in our daily lifestyle as it welcomes active living. However, when it comes to packed juice, it is nothing near natural fruits as it contains artificial additives which have been used to increase the shelf life and provide the flavor.

Excessive sugar

Before choosing a tetra packed juice, it is vital to check out the nutritional level present in the bottle. It is always suggested not to ingest anything before checking the labels. The great taste of juice you get from these comes from the added sugar and artificial Preservatives, sweetening agent and colors. This all adds to increasing the sugar level, which is actually not good for your health.

Makes your teeth yellow

There have been many dental studies where it is demonstrated that after a period of time, having packed fruit juice which contains higher levels of sugar can result in dental erosion. Especially kids who are under 3 years of age can suffer from dental issues.


So these are some of the most critical pieces of information you need to know before you give your little one a pack of tetra fruit juice. Remember to understand the difference between real fruit juice and packed juices with extended shelf life.


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