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New Year is again around the corner. It is time when you have to bid goodbye to 2022 and celebrate the new year of 2023. When it’s time to celebrate, you need to be knowledgeable about the new year Rangoli designs 2023.

No denying that you cannot repeat the New Year Rangoli designs that you tried in 2022. Hence, this is the best time when you must start thinking about something new. We know that it is a hectic job to find creative new year rangoli designs, so here, we have listed some of the easy rangoli designs for New Year. Well, it’s time to welcome a new year, and nothing can be a better choice than designing rangoli in a colorful manner.

Top 7 fantastic new year Rangoli designs 2023

When you want to be creative while making New Year Rangoli designs, you might get perplexed. With a lot of easy rangoli designs for New Year available, it might not be easy to choose one for you. So here we are to provide easy rangoli designs that can be done in a simple technique yet can provide colorful designs.

1. Peacock New year rangoli design

We know that the peacock design in Rangoli has been chosen by people over the years. However, it is still one of the best choices to create a fantastic peacock design and further enhance it with flowers. You can use rice and other colors to accessorize it. The beautiful peacock rangoli is one of the New Year rangoli designs of 2023.

A peacock is one of the favorites from some of the New Year Rangoli designs. You can choose to draw a peacock or two and make sure to put colors on the feather to make it look beautiful and spectacular.

2. The 7 circle New year Rangoli design

The next excellent New Year rangoli design is the seventh circle. While there are a lot of designs associated with circular Rangoli, the seventh circle is one of the most amazing ones. You can create small circles surrounded by two big circular structures and a center with several structures of diya and other things. 

The two big circular structures can be enhanced with flowers. You can use multi colors in between to make it pop out. Besides, if you can, you can also use contrasting colors to create structures within the rangoli to make the design pop out.

The 7 circle New year Rangoli design

3. Floral New Year Rangoli design

Floral rangoli design is probably one of the most common and ideal choices. These can be used in several ceremonies and hence can be a great choice for New Year. You can choose to create different kinds of flowers and use different colors.

Once you have created a design, don’t forget to embellish it with real flowers. It actually makes the entire design look more alluring when you start it correctly. Make sure to use some props for the perfect structure. 

Floral New Year Rangoli design

4. Simple new year Rangoli designs

When it comes to creating Rangoli, if you want to be creative, you can choose anything you want. You can simply create a four-leaf patent structure and use different colors. Create a simple round in the middle, and make sure to moderate with real flowers.

This is one of the simplest and extremely alluring. You can also choose to embellish the entire Rangoli design with diya and flowers. If you wish to make the Rangoli bigger, you can absolutely do it.

Simple new year Rangoli designs

5. Traditional New Year Rangoli design

It is always better to choose traditional over any other thing. If you are old school, you can not give up the traditional designs; it is certainly one of the best choices. When it comes to creative New Year Rangoli designs, nothing can be better than enhancing traditional designs.

Similarly, you can create a big half-circle or a semi-circular pattern and make intrinsic detail in it. Make sure to use as many colors as you want and embellish them with rare flowers to enhance the beauty.

Traditional New Year Rangoli design

6. Colorful and creative New Year Rangoli design

If you have a larger space and know how to create a fantastic rangoli design, nothing can be better than creating a colorful and big-sized rangoli. This is one of the best choices so far and can only be created by someone who has experience in making Rangoli designs.

However, these are colorful and bigger in size, which is why it requires a more prominent space compared to the others. So if you wish to make use of the entire space, you can create a big circular designed new year Rangoli and use several colors to improve its look.

Colorful and creative New Year Rangoli design

7. Simple and small rangoli

If you don’t wish to make a huge-sized Rangoli, but want to make it short, yet appealing, you can create any rangoli design. That is simple. You can just create the simplest structure and make it look impressive with the use of flowers. Do not forget to use real flowers as they add to the earlier and make it even more appealing.

Simple and small rangoli

Bottom line: If you are one who wishes to celebrate the New Year and welcome 2023, nothing can be better than choosing a new year rangoli design. In a traditional manner, Rangoli is undoubtedly something in your mind. However, only sometimes is it possible to think about something new and creative, hence the creative New Year Rangoli designs that will help you enhance the overall look of your interiors.


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