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If you are a car enthusiast, you definitely have heard of the new Grand Vitara. Maruti has been consistently surprising us with all new makes and models. It is definitely becoming impossible to resist the intriguing looks and exclusive feels of Grand Vitara. 

But it seems like you are planning to buy, and hence looking forward to checking the grand Vitara dimensions, price list, variants, images, and everything. So, let us take a look into this all new beast that is going to set the market on fire with its looks and features. 

Maruti Suzuki has recently launched its new Grand Vitara. Specifically, Delhi’s grand Vitara price is between 10.45 to 19.49 lakh. It is going to be a flagship model of Maruti. The multiple valuable specifications and immaculate exterior and interior have made this a new need for car lovers. 

So without any further ado, let us take a look at the specifications of the new Grand Vitara. 

Specifications of NEXA Grand Vitara

The new grand Vitara has been effectively designed for all people looking for a C-segment SUV. It is a five-seater SUV that includes a four-engine combination and transmission. The high-end 1462 to 4090 mL Engine has the capacity to provide a good mileage from 20.58 to 27.97 km per liter. 

It has an automatic and manual transmission system so that you can choose according to your budget needs. You can check out the Grand Vitara images for more detail about its look.

Specifications of Grand Vitara

The variation in fuel types includes petrol, CNG, and hybrid. The grand Vitara hybrid price is undoubtedly different from conventional transmission systems. This SUV can be an excellent choice to take your entire family. 

Variants of Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

Keeping in mind the other grand Vitara nexa models, this new Vitara has been manufactured in 6 different variants. It makes use of a similar nomenclature for all its six trims. These include Delta, Sigma, Alpha, Zeta, Alpha+, and Zeta+. 

You will be able to find the 1.5L petrol variant with a mild-hybrid engine and 103 HP on the Alpha, Zeta, Delta, and Sigma trim of this new Grand Vitara. The standard 5 manual gearbox is present on these trims while 6 automatic is present from other Delta trims. Therefore the grand vitara price in Delhi will be different according to the trims. 

With the ultimate range of features and some modifications in every trim, this brand has undoubtedly recreated the craze among car enthusiasts. Here is a detailed Grand Vitara Price structure according to its variants.  

  • Grand Vitara Delta: Rs. 11.90 lakhs – Rs. 13.40 lakhs includes 2 variants MT and AT 
  • Grand Vitara Zeta: Rs 13.89 lakh to Rs 15.39 lakh consists of 2 variants MT and AT 
  • Grand Vitara Alpha: Rs 15.39 lakh – Rs 16.89 lakh consists of 3 variants MT, AT, and AWD MT
  • Grand Vitara Zeta+: Rs 17.99 lakh includes e-CVT variant
  • Grand Vitara Alpha+: Rs 19.49 lakh includes the e-CVT variant. 

Dimensions of Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara

Coming to the looks and dimensions, the all new Grand Vitara has definitely nailed it and has become a big competition for other auto manufacturers. The grand Vitara dimensions will certainly startle you as it is 1795 mm wide, 4345mm long, and 1645mm tall. As it has a large exterior, it is certainly going to have a good road presence. 

It includes an extended wheelbase which makes the car even more stable at higher speeds. The bigger length now provides more legroom and hence can easily accommodate both short and tall people. Besides, coming to the fuel tank capacity, it can hold up to 323 liters. The fantastic ground clearance of 208mm dramatically adds to the appeal of this new car. Perhaps, all you need is to take a look at the all new grand Vitara images.

The use of different tyres from base to upper models has also had a direct impact on the grand Vitara price in Delhi. The base models include 215/60 R17 tyres, while the upper models have 215/60 R17 tyres. Therefore, bigger wheels mean improved styling and handling of the car. 

Additionally, the inclusion of larger wheels also means more rotating mass and metal. It can be easily understood that it has improved mileage and performance. 

Interior View of Grand Vitara

Keeping in mind the need for people, this all-new Grand Vitara has been precisely executed. This 5-seater car comes with adjustable steering and headrests. It also features a keyless entry and glove cooling box, power windows, and power steering. 

The Maruti grand Vitara interior is something that has become very appealing. It also features keyless entry, a multifunction steering wheel, and a display. It has a proper rear armrest and adjustment in the height of the driver seat. 

Additionally, the start and stop buttons and tachometer are worth looking at. You can take a detailed look at the interior grand Vitara images to find yourself. 

Exterior View of Grand Vitara

The fantastic exterior features 5 doors that have properly ventilated disc brakes. Additionally, the striking color of this car makes the overall exterior look stunning and has an extraordinary road presence. Coming to other technical details of the vehicle, it has rear disc brakes and MacPherson Strut suspensions. Besides, the wheels add to the exterior appeal. 

Additionally, the body color bumpers take the car’s overall look to a new height. LED lights are used in tail lights. 

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Whether you are willing to buy a hybrid or conventional petrol variant, you must keep a fair expectation that the grand Vitara hybrid price is on the higher side. It offers both petrol and electric type, and the electric variant provides a mileage of 21.11kmpl. 

Irrespective of your budget, this new Grand Vitara provides the ultimate choices. You can check all the specifications, prices, and features details before deciding on the best-suited variant. This auto giant is all set to take the market and keep its competitor behind by offering such high-end specs at different prices.


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