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The popularity of electric scooters is constantly rising due to the number of benefits that it offers to users over conventional diesel or petrol vehicles. Not only the electric scooters help to cut down the cost of the ever-rising prices of fuel but also it has a very low maintenance cost along with being environmentally friendly.

Electric ScooterBattery capacityCharging timeTop SpeedRangePrice In Delhi
Ola S12.98 KWH5 Hours90 KMPH121 KM 97706
Ather 450X2.23 KWH5.45 Hours80 KMPH70 KM₹ 1,40,1211
TVS iQube Electric3.04 KWH5 Hours70-80 KMPH75 KM₹ 92,986
Hero Electric Photon1.8 7 KWH5 Hours45 KMPH108 KM₹ 80,940
Bajaj Chetak3 KWH5 Hours70 KMPH85 – 95 KM₹ 1,42,297

Even though electric scooters are a new category in India, many people have already chosen to switch from conventional vehicles for the good. There is no denying the benefits of electric scooters or several compared to traditional scooters; they are also available at a good and reasonable price. One of the biggest advantages of choosing an electric scooter over the conventional one is The minimum running cost.

As electric scooters are battery-powered, the amount of money you have to spend on these scooters is significantly low. Besides, it does not make any noise, so you can enjoy a silent ride. These eco-friendly electric scooters are significantly beneficial in modern days. However, in this blog, we will talk about the latest models of electric scooters and find out more about the latest models and their specifications. 

Ola S1: 

Ola S1 is an electric scooter that you have definitely heard about. This is one of the big projects undertaken by Ola, which has become immensely popular in India. Even before the launch of Ola S1, people have already pre-registered for this electric vehicle in a massive number.

Ola S1 global blog post

There is no denying the fact that this new electric vehicle looks extremely competitive, robust, and fantastic. The new look is something that made a craze among the people. It has some impressive specifications, and also the electric scooter price in Delhi, and other significant cities is Rs.97,706.

Some major specifications of this electric scooter include: 

  • Battery capacity – 2.98 kmph
  • Charging time – 5 hours
  • Top Speed – 90 KMPH
  • Range – 121 km

Ather 450X: 

The next one on the list is the Ather 450X. This new electric scooter has become one of the most asked-for and searched by bike lovers. It has a premium look with a 7-inch dashboard that has all the latest new features and functionalities.

Ather 450X globalblogpost

Designed with all the latest features like music, player, call, reject feature, and navigation system on the dashboard, this electric scooter offers a comfortable ride. It also has some fantastic specifications, like two disc brakes, a monoshock suspension system, reverse parking, assist, and a lot more. The specifications are really attractive, which is why it has a price range of Rs.1,40,1211. 

Some of the major specifications of this new electric scooter includes the following: 

  • Top Speed – 80 kmph
  • Charging time – 5.45 hours.
  • Range – 70 km
  • Battery capacity – 2.23 kWh

TVS iQube Electric: 

TVS is one of the most popular brands offering two-wheeler vehicles in India. All bike and scooter lovers are already aware of this brand and its popularity. It has now come up with an E-scooter to provide riders the opportunity to enjoy riding without making any degradation of the environment. It is this electric scooter price in Delhi, along with other major cities, is around Rs.92,986.

TVS iQube Electric globalblogpost

The TVS iCube electric bike has been included with some of the amazing specifications to get such a huge craze in the market. It has a range of 75 km, and the top Speed can run up to 78 km/h. It is no less than conventional bikes. Apart from this, keeping in mind the need for the latest features, it has a good large dashboard, ample storage space and provides parking assistance.

Some of the other specifications that you might be looking forward to knowing to include the following:

  • Top Speed – 70-80 kmph
  • Charging time – 5 hours
  • Range – 75 km
  • Battery capacity – 3.04 kWh.

Hero Electric Photon: 

India is aware of the numerous Hero bikes provided to the riders. This brand has constantly been providing some high-quality, reasonably priced bikes to the riders to make their life easy. Similarly, they have come up with an electric scooter with a retro look. It has been designed with the aesthetic in mind by providing curved edges to make it look Like a conventional yet electric bike.

Hero Electric Photon globalblogpost

The curved edges on this vehicle are something that makes it really appealing. It features some fantastic functionalities like telescopic, suspension, digital instrument cluster, removable battery, alloy wheels, remote lock, LED headlamp, anti-theft Alarm, and a lot more. As mentioned before, this brand is known for its affordability. Similarly, this Electric scooter price in Delhi, and other cities is Rs.80,940.

Following are some other major specifications that you should check to know more.

  • Top Speed – 45 kmph
  • Charging time – 5 hours
  • Range – 108 km
  • Battery capacity – 1.8 7KWH

Bajaj Chetak: 

Being an Indian and a bike enthusiast, you cannot know the name Bajaj. Whether it is the vehicle sector or financial, Bajaj is a common name throughout. Coming to the vehicle sector, Bajaj has taken a step apart from providing just conventional petrol and diesel bikes. Bajaj Chetak was one of the most popular scooters in India. However, after that, the company was not able to provide anything outstanding.

Bajaj Chetak globalblogpost

Thankfully, it has returned back with an iconic electric scooter model. It is a combination of the retro look of their older model with a very modern appearance given to this electric scooter. It is provided with a quick charging feature that has the ability to charge almost 25% of the battery in one hour. However, a full charge takes five hours. This electric scooter price in Delhi, and other major cities is Rs.1,42,297.

Some of the major specifications of this electric scooter include the following.

  • Top Speed – 70 kmph
  • Charging Time- 5 Hours
  • Range- 85 – 95 Km
  • Battery Capacity – 3 kWh

Bottom Line: So these are the top electric scooters available in the market at different price ranges. If you are looking forward to buying an electric scooter for kids, adults, or for any other personal person, these are some of the best choices available in the market. Even when different electric scooters have different price ranges, they also have a range of improved features. So, depending on your needs and requirements, you can check out the details and then decide to choose the best electric scooter.


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