golden money plant benefits

Money plants have been gifted and cherished for centuries. As the name goes, these plants have wonderful benefits. According to the legends, money plants have the capability of attracting money. However, do you know the several other benefits of money plants? If not, read this blog to find out more about golden money plant benefits and further vital details.

What is a money plant? 

Money plants are indoor plants that are generally kept inside the bedroom or living room. It can be a great piece of decoration along with other purposes. According to the people, the money plant is one of those plants that brings good luck, prosperity, peace, fortune, and happiness to our home. So when you bring this plant, you need to make sure that you take proper golden money plant care to keep it alive.

The great part about this plant is that they require very low maintenance. These plants do not require water or sunlight and can even thrive in the most unnatural condition.

The scientific name of the money plant

‘Epipremnum Aureum’ is the money plant’s scientific name. So when you go online to buy these plans, you might find this scientific name mentioned. People generally refer to this plant as a money plant due to the flat and round leaves that have a similar appearance to a coin.

What are the benefits of money plants?

After knowing some details about these money plants, you might decide to grow in a money plant pot. It is a great choice, but let us take a look at how this plant can benefit you.

The great mode of air purification

Money plant is one of the best choices as it works as a natural air purifier. The biggest advantage of using a money plant is it helps to maintain a clean and fresh home. These plants have the capability of removing pollutants present in the air like xylene, toluene, benzene, and carbon Monoxide. This also plays an essential role in eliminating toxic chemicals present in the air. Apart from a money plant, you can also add the Tulsi plant, as it is also known to have significant benefits for humans.

Makes your home peaceful

Money plants are most commonly grown inside your house and can bring prosperity and peace to your home. As per Vastu, it is a great choice to attract money when this plant is kept in the South East corner of your living room. You can also grow a money plant in a bottle, and it will bring serenity and calmness along with radiant positive energy.

Makes your room even more attractive

Money plants can be a great choice not only because they have several health benefits but also because they look exceptionally good in your living room. When you place it correctly in an area where everyone can see and decorate it with beautiful light, it adds an aesthetic touch to your room. Whether you choose to bring an actual money plant or an artificial one, these plants are known for adding an aesthetic appeal to your room.

Improves humidity and keeps away negativity

Money plants can be an excellent inclusion for homes, especially in dry regions. As it improves humidity through Evapotranspiration, it helps to transfer water into the atmosphere. This is a known process where plants help maintain humidity inside the home. The moisture helps you feel relieved from dry skin and lips, prevents allergies, and a lot more. However, if you bring an artificial money plant into your home, you might not get such benefits as real money plans. This also has the amazing ability to absorb negativity and reduce stress and anxiety.

How can you grow a money plant? 

The best part about bringing a money plant at home is that it does not require much maintenance or care. They have the ability to grow without direct sunlight or water. You can choose to grow a money plant in a bottle, pot, or glass bowl. You can simply cut a branch of a grown plant and then place it at home according to the Vastu area.

You can also place this on the soil. However, there is no need to use fertilizers for money plants. They grow on their own and thrive without taking much care.


Money plant is typically one of the most commonly available plants present in Asian countries. You can place it in your bedroom or living room for decoration, but enjoy the multiple other benefits of this plant. This unique plant has numerous benefits, like it brings prosperity, happiness, good luck, fortune, and peace at home. Beyond all of this, it also promotes good health.


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