Brahma Kamal Plant and Vastu

Our nature offers endless things which are a blessing for us. Even when we don’t realize these products of nature are a blessing to us. One such name of a plant is the Brahma Kamal plant. Its scientific name is Saussurea obvallata. The flowering plant belongs to the Asteraceae family. This plant is found in the Himalayas.

According to the legend, the Brahma Kamal plant and Vastu are closely related. It is especially recommended to place it in a specific corner to derive its benefits. So keep reading to know more about the Brahma Kamal plant and Vastu. 

Brahma kamal plant and Vastu

In the Hindu culture, this plant is known for being sacred. This specific flower is mainly used to worship Lord Shiva, especially in some of the most auspicious Tempus like Tungnath, Badrinath, and Kedarnath, Brahma Kamal plant is mainly offered. The name of this plant is given after Lord Brahma. The reason is that it is the similar flower that the deity found to hold always in his hands.

Plant nameBrahma Kamal plant
Scientific nameSaussurea obvallata
Found inHimalayas (India, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and south-west China)
FlowerPurple flower heads are hidden in layers of yellowish-green bracts
BenefitsUsed in traditional medicine and in some dishes such as soups and juices
SignificanceAn auspicious flower used to worship Lord Shiva in Hindu tradition. It is the official state flower of Uttarakhand.

Many people believe that offering Brahma Kamal plants to the deity can fulfill their wishes. So, the Brahma Kamal plant blessings can be a good choice if you want to fulfill all your unfulfilled wishes.

Additionally, this plant has massive importance in your life as well. It has the ability to purify the atmosphere and maintain greenery. It plays a significant role in Vastu Shastra and is known as a plant that attracts prosperity, good luck, and happiness. It also plays a huge role in maintaining the psychological balance in life.

Placing this plant in your home also can protect you from evil forces. However, as per the legends, the flower must not be used for gifts, selling, or buying.

Understanding Brahma Kamal plant benefits

Brahma Kamal, which is also famous as the lotus of the dark or Queen of the night flower, can be rare to find. This flower has been known for centuries. Not only this flower has importance from the perspective of Vastu Shastra, but also there are other Brahma Kamal plant benefits. 

The Brahma Kamal plant is traditionally used for treating different ailments. The anti-inflammatory, seductive, antipyretic, tonic, and expectorant properties in this plant make it a great choice. The primary constituent is Saussure which is known for its huge healing properties. This is the reason why Brahma Kamal is also used for medicinal purposes.

Following are some of the most common benefits: 

  • This plant is known to be very effective for different skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema.
  • It is beneficial in healing burns and wounds.
  • This plant has anti-cancerous properties and can treat different kinds of cancer.
  • It has the ability to fight infections and boost the immune system.
  • It is mostly used in auspicious ceremonies and occasions.

Now that you have known the Brahma Kamal plant importance, you will be happy to know that you can grow them if you have a desirable atmosphere at home.

How to take care of the Brahma Kamal plant? 

Sunlight and location: This plant needs continuous exposure to sunlight but indirectly. The plant leaves have the ability to store water that might get burned if you give it direct sunlight. They might also turn pale. It is also recommended not to frequently change the location of the plant. Once you find the buds are visible, keep the plant in one position, as changing its placement will stop flowering.

Watering: The Brahma Kamal plant is a succulent plant that has the ability to retain water in the most arid conditions. This is what makes the leaves of this plant fluffy and soft. So, you must water when you find the top layer has dried up. Make sure that you are not over-watering, as it will make the leaves brown or yellowish. Watering directly over the soil rather than the plant leaves helps to prevent fungal growth.

Some amazing facts about Brahma Kamal plant

  • The flowers of this plant mostly bloom in the mid-monsoon, especially in altitudes that range from 3700 to 4600 m.
  • The flowers have a star shape with extraordinary fragrance and are also known as Brahma Kamalam.
  • This plant is also famous as orchid cactus as it belongs to the night flowering species.
  • A flower lasts only for a night.
  • The flower looks white with pink tips like a lotus.

If you want to bring positive energy to your home, make sure that you bring the Brahma Kamal plant along with the Tulsi plant as well. The exceptional benefits and positivity produced will keep you enlightened and positive.


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