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Gir cow milk has gained recent popularity due to its exceptional nutritional and health benefits. Most of the families have started adapting to this milk as it has a good amount of benefits. It has been shown to have high amounts of minerals, vitamins and proteins, and Gir cow milk can be advantageous for people of different ages. So in this guide, we will find out the many Gir cow milk benefits. 

Cattle NameGir or Gyr
Country of originIndia ( Gujrat )
Cattle typeDesi (indigenous)
Average Body sizeLarge (400-475 kg)
Milk TypeA2 Milk
Milk L/Day6-10 liters per day
Used forDairy purposes

Gir cow milk is popular as Desi milk as it contains A2 beta-casein protein. Cow milk is generally available in two different varieties to make it easy for you to understand. A1 and A2 are two different varieties, with the only difference being the single amino acids. A2 cow milk is mainly produced in Africa and Asia. When it comes to producing A2 milk, some of the most popular Indian breeds are Hariana, Rathi, Sahiwal and Gir.

So here we have compiled the benefits of Gir cow milk. 

Benefits of Gir Cow Milk

Save choice for lactose intolerance

There are many people who are not able to get the real benefits of cow milk because they are lactose intolerant. Since regular cow milk has a higher amount of lactose, it generally results in different types of health issues or stomach discomfort. However, choosing the A2 Gir cow milk ensures the best choice as you will not experience any inflammatory reaction. Therefore, you will be able to derive the real Gir cow milk benefits.

It has nine minerals and vitamins

Humans require all the essential nutrients for their growth and well-being. One of the most critical aspects that make Gir cow milk. One of the safest and healthiest choices is because of the nutritional content. Gir cow milk contains vitamins B12, D and A. Apart from this, it also has several minerals like potassium, riboflavin, and phosphorus. It helps your body get all the essential requirements and keep functioning the best way.

Each glass contains 8 g of protein

If You are a fitness enthusiast and would not like to increase your weight, nothing can be better than choosing protein smoothies. However, it can be really helpful if it is the milk that does the work of a smoothie. A glass of Gir cow milk can provide adequate protein that you require to rebuild and repair the masses. You can add chocolate milkshakes to it to enjoy the superior taste.

Does not contain antibiotics or hormones

There is a massive requirement of milk these days. Starting from child age to adulthood, milk is a great addition to our daily life. So, to satiate such needs, these days, most people use injections and antibiotics to increase milk production. Sipping such milk can have immense disadvantages. However, choosing Gir cow milk ensures being natural and pure without the use of hormones and antibiotics.

Strengthens your bones

We all know the need for calcium in our daily requirements to maintain our bone health. Nothing can be better than choosing Gir cow milk. A2 milk is generally loaded with a huge amount of calcium that can be helpful for strengthening your bones.


So now that you have got the knowledge about Gir cow milk benefits, it is time to start having it. These days you will find several online suppliers offering Gir cow milk in an unadulterated and fresh manner. Remember that if you’re not able to have it in raw form, you can mix it with cocoa powder.


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