Coronavirus in India

The novel coronavirus outbreak has infected people across the globe. The virus is increasing rapidly and causing death to humans. It has become a major challenge to combat the virus for the entire world. Since there is no treatment introduced yet, taking precautions is the only way to keep oneself safe.”

Sometimes, it is normal to experience cold, fever, shortness of breath until you have caught Coronavirus. The term “Coronavirus” might scare you. Nowadays, Coronavirus is experienced by countries across the world. Coronavirus symptoms in humans can be seen as from common cold to MERS disease. You might have heard a lot about the corona virus that kills humans. However, you might not be aware of its history, symptoms, preventions, and treatment. 

No worries, you have stopped by the right place where you will learn everything about human coronavirus. Read on to know everything about coronavirus infection to stay safe and find a way to live a better life. 

Let’s Begin with a Quick Intro

A virus like coronavirus is never easy to understand. However, this brief introduction might help you understand this virus. A large family of viruses that can cause sickness ranging from the cold to more severe infections or diseases is known as Coronavirus, a virus that is life-threatening. This virus is new to humans and identified for the first time. 

This virus is quite like an infectious disease and can be transmitted between people and animals. The infection can easily jump from one person to another. The coronavirus cause is quite deadly for humans, as the virus spreads through cough, direct contact with the infected person. SARS Coronavirus transmitted coronavirus from cats to humans while MERS coronavirus moved from a type of camel to persons. 

The Latin word corona means crown or halo. The image of the coronavirus looks like a solar corona under the electron microscope. The corona disease was identified on January 7 by the Chinese authorities and named COVID-19. The worst thing that defines Coronavirus is human to human transmission of infections and diseases. 

How Did Coronavirus Spread? 

On 31 December, the World Health Organization (WHO) was informed of cases of coronavirus in 2019 in the Chinese City, Wuhan. On January 7, the infection of novel Coronavirus or nCOV traced to the Wuhan Seafood market where live animals were traded illegally. Later, the virus started affecting other parts of China and other countries worldwide. Many parts of Asia, Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Australia have witnessed the outbreak. 

Signs of Infections 

The coronavirus infection symptoms can be seen in humans ranging from the common cold to respiratory syndrome coronavirus. The corona symptoms include fever, cough, respiratory symptoms, and breathing difficulties, as one may experience shortness of breath. In certain cases, coronavirus signs and symptoms include pneumonia, kidney failure, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and even death.

Now, you know some common symptoms of Coronavirus. Before you move ahead to the prevention and treatment of Coronavirus, you must know about types of coronavirus

Check the list of common coronavirus here: 

  • Coronavirus hku1
  • Coronavirus nl63
  • Human coronavirus 229e
  • Coronavirus oc43

Coronavirus 229E and NL63 are alpha Coronavirus while human coronavirus hku1 and oc43 are classified as betacoronavirus. Apart from this, MERS CoV is also a beta coronavirus. The MERS virus causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. 

If You Have Pets 

After hearing so much about coronavirus, you might be worried about pets or keeping them at home. However, there is nothing to be worried about. Before you jump on to the treatment and prevention of coronavirus, it is better to understand that coronavirus in dogs won’t affect you. You may experience the coronavirus symptoms in dogs or you might have witnessed coronavirus symptoms in cats. However, there is nothing that you should be worried about, as there is no evidence that your pets can give you a virus. 

Standard Recommendations to Prevent Coronavirus 

The novel coronavirus outbreak has become a matter of worry for countries worldwide. However, the treatment has not yet been introduced that could kill coronavirus. However, there are certain things that you can do to prevent coronavirus. The World Health Organization introduces standard recommendations to prevent the signs of coronavirus and infection from spreading. Such recommendations include: 

  • Regular hand washing
  • Covering mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing
  • Thoroughly cooking meat and eggs
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth with dirty hands.
  • Use a tissue to cover your cough or sneeze and throw the tissue in the garbage.

When it comes to Coronavirus prevention, you must avoid close contact with someone having symptoms such as respiratory illness, cough, and sneezing. Even if you don’t know what causes the disease, you can easily use the above-mentioned precautions to stay safe. However, you can’t eliminate the chances of being caught by a coronavirus. But, precautions will definitely work. Coronavirus contagion is also a matter of concern if you don’t consider the prevention recommendations carefully. 

Coronavirus Affected Countries Worldwide

It is no denying that the cases of coronaviridae or novel coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China, are now reported in countries around the world daily. Around 4,000 people have died globally due to the infection and approximately 113, 00 infections have been confirmed in many countries according to WHO. Countries that witnessed coronavirus till now are Argentina, Australia, Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States of America. 

Coronavirus in India 

The cases of coronavirus have increased promptly. The infection originated from China and has affected more than 100,000 people around the world. In India, around 10,47 people have tested positive for canine coronavirus. Check out the list of states that witness coronavirus outbreak in India: 

Name of State / UTTotal confirmed cases (Indian National)Total confirmed cases (Foreign National)
Uttar Pradesh111
Union Territory of Ladakh30
Tamil Nadu10
Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir10
Andhra Pradesh10
Total number of confirmed cases in India5917

To Sum Up 

The cases of coronavirus are continuing to increase not in India but also in countries worldwide. Coronavirus is easy to catch but hard to cure and it has become a major challenge in front of every country these days.  Even if there is no treatment launched to cure coronavirus, you can consider precautions to keep yourself safe. Now, use the precautions to stay safe and keep your loved ones saved. 


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