Gautami Patil

There is no doubt about the fact that Gautami Patil has become extremely famous for her great dance videos. Gautami Patil viral video where she was able to gain the spotlight due to her. Her extraordinary dance move has made her a current trend. Her viral video has already captured millions of hearts across the nation. She is just a 27-year-old dancer who resides in Maharashtra. She was truly stunning in her profession.

Beyond the viral Gautami Patil video, where she was found to give some extraordinary performances, there is some level of controversy. Before getting famous from the viral video, her TikTok videos were able to give her fame. On a recent occasion, she was able to come across millions of people through her private video. It was Gautami Patil’s private video which was allegedly filmed by a person while she was altering her outfits at an event.

The private Gautami Patil video was a big controversy. It was being captured without her permission. However, Gautami Patil dancer is popular because of her great moves, which showcase her Maharashtrian genes. If you don’t know much about Gautami Patil, let us take a look into some other details.

Gautami Patil biography

Gautami Patil is a Maharashtrian born dancer. She is great in Marathi Lavani dance moves and was born on 4 Feb 1996 in Maharashtra, India. The Gautami Patil dancer was first observed in the Akluj Lawani Mahotsav, where she was working as a background dancer. She is also extremely popular as the Maharashtra dance Queen.

Coming to her education, she completed her schooling at the Public School Shindkheda, and her highest qualification is being a graduate. She pursued her career as a dancer, where she has the ultimate expertise. 

Professional career

As we all know that Lavani is a popular dance style that showcases the roots of Maharashtra. Gautami Patil is known for having expertise in this dance form. She began her career as a Lavani dancer, and soon, her videos were able to get into the eyes of many. She became an online celebrity. She has already performed and showcased her dance moves for numerous live programs and songs.

Undeniably her song ‘Sarkar Tey Keley Market Jam’ has already captured millions of viewers. Gautami Patil viral video is everywhere. Being a dancer who has been practicing and performing for the last five years has become an online sensation. Apart from this, her controversies have also made her gain popularity among social media followers. high social media has millions of followers, and you can take a look if you are looking for a Gautami Patil Photo.

Gautami Patil viral video

On a recent occasion, there has been a huge controversy over the video of this dancer. Different people have shared their different opinions regarding the leaked private footage. In this MMS footage, it has been found that Gautami Patil dancer is changing her outfit while she is getting ready for a performance.

However, if you are looking for the Gautami Patil viral video on the internet, it is impossible to find. It has been said that allegedly this video was taken by someone without her consent and was uploaded online by someone else. Additionally, it was also estimated that the video had been stolen and taken by someone as it had been uploaded on two different social media accounts. However, Gautami Patil’s performance has been interrupted due to this controversy.

Beyond the private Gautami Patil video, she is known for being a great dancer. After her performance, viewers were in love with her extreme moves, and the police were unable to control the public. Police had to provide a lathi charge on the public in the middle of an event to separate the crowd as they were coming closer to the dancer. As she has amazing moves and motion, she was able to get viewers’ attention and become the main focus of the event.


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