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Valentine’s day is approaching, and most lovebirds are waiting for this special day. 14th February is popular as Valentine’s day and is celebrated worldwide. When you are in love, everything you see is white and red. These colors resonate with the feeling of affection and love. This particular day got its name after the mysterious saint whose origin is still unclear.

February Valentine week is a week for celebration. As per the legends, Valentine’s day is generally celebrated as the death of Saint Valentines, who died in 270 AD. He was believed to be a priest who defied emperors’ orders and secretly helped couples get married to spare their husbands from war. The Emperor later beheaded him.

Why is Valentine’s day celebrated? 

Valentine’s day was named after the famous Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest in the 3rd century. You will find several stories about him, and the stories have started growing among different generations even today.

During his life, there were several Romans who converted to Christianity, but the Emperor created a stringent law regarding the rules Christians could follow. Claudius, who was the Emperor, always believed that the soldiers of Rome must be devoted to Rome, and hence they passed the law to prevent the boys from getting married.

Valentine Week7 Feb to 14 Feb
Valentine Day14 Feb
Who is ValentineSaint Valentine who was a Catholic Pope
Valentine Day InventorPope Galesious

Saint Valentine was the one who started working against it and began marrying. The soldiers secretly in Christian ceremonies by helping them believe in the strength of love, but he got caught and jailed for his crime against the Emperor. Before he was finally executed on 14th February, it is also heard that Saint Valentine was able to cure the blindness of a girl.

However, after 200 years of 14th February, when Saint Valentine was executed, 14th February became valentines day. This was the beginning of the new tradition of love, which is now famous worldwide.

Days in the Valentine’s week

As we spoke about the days of February Valentine week, we will discuss those and how they can be celebrated here.

1 – Rose Day:

It is the beginning of the week on 7th February. On Rose Day, people can show their love with the fragrance and freshness of rose flowers, as a Rose represents love and passion.

2 – Propose Day:

8th February is celebrated as Propose Day when you can gather all your strength to tell your feelings to the love of your life. This day can be a great choice if you can arrange a romantic dinner and then propose grandly. 

3 – Chocolate Day:

9th February is celebrated as Chocolate Day when you can buy a box of chocolates for the love of your life. It does not mean you only have to share the chocolates with a girl or the boy you love, but also with your kids or parents.

4 – Teddy Day:

10th February is marked as teddy Day. During Valentine’s week, you can buy teddy bears for your lover. As teddies symbolize adorableness and care, gifting teddies represents your feelings for the person.

5 – Promise Day:

11th February is considered and celebrated as the Promise day when you make promises or commitments with your dear one to love them for the rest of your life.

6 – Hug Day:

12th February is hug Day as hugging is considered a way to show affection and warmth for your dear ones. When you have this opportunity, don’t leave them but hug your loved ones in your family and friends circle to make them feel their importance.

7 – Kiss Day:

13th February is celebrated as kiss day. Kissing is generally a form of love which only happens when someone is deeply in love with their partner. The word kissing is a form of intimacy and strength, along with showing your affection for the person.

8 – Valentine’s Day:

Lastly, 14th February is a valentine’s day that you can celebrate and enjoy with your love.

Some extra days

DateExtra Events
15 February 2023Slap Day
16 February 2023Kick Day
17 February 2023Scent Day
18 February 2023Flirting Day
19 February 2023Shikarokti Day
20 February 2023Missing Day
21 February 2023Breakup Day

Celebrate a memorable valentines day

So these are the days in Feb Valentine week that you can make a list if you’re willing to tell your feelings to someone really special. Every day of the week is considered an auspicious day for lovers. So it is time for you to express your feelings for love and gratitude towards the person.


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