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Whether it is a sari or a Lehenga, without a proper blouse design, you will not be able to get the kind of look that you desire. This is why ladies are primarily concerned about the blouse design backside as it can make or break their look. However, in recent times, with a vast range of choices, it has become easy to find something that will suit your body and the kind of look you have been dreaming of.

When you start designing a blouse, you also have to pay attention to the blouse hand design with the backside. However, it requires a lot of research to find something that will suit your personality and resonate with your look. So here we have accumulated the top 5 best blouse back designs that will help you to suggest to your designer the look you have been desiring.

Top 5 Best Back Blouse Designs

Inverted V with a Dori:

If you are preparing for a wedding and looking for a unique back design on your blouse, you can consider the inverted V design. It is a beautiful new design that generally works with both modern and traditional looks. You can add a beautiful blouse sleeves design to make the entire look attractive.

If you are confident enough to flaunt your back, you can choose this design as it comes with a single dori on the inverted V. The dori generally is included with a stunning adornment to let you flaunt your style. Whether you are planning to wear a Lehenga or a sari, this beautiful blouse-back design can take a look to another level.

Blouse back with embroidery: 

If you need something highly traditional, an embroidered blouse-back design can be a good choice. If your sari has been embellished with good embroidery, you can use a similar format to create the blouse embroidery designs. Generally, such blouses have a fully covered back, which helps showcase exceptional embroidery designs.

It generally becomes a heavy look where the sari is created chiefly with heavy embroidery or just embroidered borders. Do pay attention to the sleeve design as it becomes best to create 3/4th sleeves. All the blouse embroidery designs will be covered on the sleeves throughout. The designers use several embellishments on these blouses to match the elegant sarees. 

Deep V:

It is more of a modern new with a traditional touch. Deep V design can be great when you pair it with Lehenga or a sari. You can choose to create any look with it. Besides, irrespective of the type of blouse material like satin, cotton or any other material, this can be a good choice as it is versatile to use in different materials. However, it is a sleeveless blouse design.

The deep V-neck is generally combined with a golden or silver hoop that holds the blouse from both sides. It has become a trend in the modern days, and you can use any jewelled hook to take the look to an entirely new level. Whether your blouse looks extremely simple or has been heavily embroidered, you can create this design as it goes with every costume. This sleeveless blouse design with a hoop on the back makes the look even more desirable.

Cutouts with Bow: 

The bow has become famous in modern times. Adding it to your blouse makes it even more exceptional. So if you have a thick material for your blouse, you can design a low back with a bow and a dori on the upper side of your neck. It generally does not have any blouse hand design as it is sleeveless. 

It looks great when you pair this blouse with a saree. The deep V or U on the blouse with the simple dori on the neck helps to show your neckline as well. 

Backless with double dori: 

Previously we have talked about the inverted V design. However, it contained a single dori with other adornments. If you want something similar but different from it, you can choose the backless design. Irrespective of the kind of blouse hand design you prefer, it is always better to go for a full-sleeve design with a backless blouse.

The backless blouse design can be a great choice when you want to get a completely traditional look. It is embellished with double doris, which can be adorned with several accessories. Always remember to pay attention to the Blouse sleeves design and the back to get the perfect look. Remember to make a traditional bun and add flowers around it to flaunt your back.

So make a choice and design a beautiful blouse with a stunning back.


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