Sometimes, recalling the past can be good. Of course, keeping oneself aware of things that matter to the world and holiday season would be good. Nowadays, a lot is there that associates with past and “Black Friday” is indeed one. You might have heard the word “Black Friday” several times. But, are you aware of the concept of it?

It’s More Than Just Shopping Discounts!

“Black Friday” is not limited to ‘Black Friday Sale’, ‘Black Friday Deal’ and ‘Black Friday Offers’ only. It is more about just great sales you might have seen in the market. “Black Friday” is a name given to Friday’s shopping day following Thanksgiving Day. The word “BLACK” is added because of the crowds that created violence and traffic accidents.

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Where the Concept of Black Friday Came into Existence From? 

Black Friday dates back to the 1950s when Philadelphia police coined the phrase to explain the traffic jams, accidents and violence that occurred the day after Thanksgiving. That’s the reason why Black Friday was Black in the past. The violence has killed 12 deaths and injured 117 people since 2010. In fact, the Black Friday crowds still cause a headache to the police. However, it is still remembered and celebrated as a good day for shoppers.

Black Friday Does Not Always Mean Good to Business Men

Despite the goosebumping history, Black Friday is still a controversial topic that people are always crazy about. These days, many retailers offer their best deals during the holiday and boost their sales. This is why people and the retailers are always keen about the Black Friday. 

There are many countries across which Black Friday is celebrated with enthusiasm. After all, Black Friday is just about the opening of Christmas Sales in today’s scenario. Therefore, Black Friday is not always about everything Black.


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