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Dr Vivek Bindra is one of the most popular names and a famous figure in the world of business, entrepreneurship, and motivational speaking. He is a testament to success and determination. His life story can be referred to as a remarkable journey from starting with a modest beginning to becoming one of the most celebrated influences in the nation, who left a mark on countless people.

He was born on April 5, 1982, in the small town of Haryana in India. The earlier years of Vivek Bindra were marked with financial challenges, but his unwavering resilience and ambition compelled him to pursue his education and personal growth. He started with a very humble background but created his part, which has now become a part of millions who get inspired by him. 

Today, we will take a look into Vivek Bindra’s biography and find out more about his early life, career, educational pursuits, family, challenges, and controversies that he has faced along the way. Everything is going to give a comprehensive insight into the remarkable journey that helped him to create the net worth that he has today. We will also take a look into Vivek Bindra’s controversies in this biography. Continue reading Vivek Bindra’s story to understand the power of pursuing dreams and perseverance.

Early life and education

Vivek Bindra’s journey towards the success that he has gained today started in a small town in Haryana, India. As we discussed, he was born on 5 April 1982 in a family with not-so-good financial support. With limited financial resources, the young Vivek Bindra had to face a lot of adversity in the early phases of his life. However, he was always known for his unwavering determination and perseverance that continued to take him towards the success you have gained today.

Despite his financial objections, Vivek Bindra was a person who always wanted to pursue his education. He prioritized education as he knew it would lead to a brighter future. He completed his school at a local government institute in his early educational life, where he showed his neck and thirst for knowledge and intellect. In these formative years, he understood the value of perseverance and hard work. He continued to enhance them as he knew that these were some of the traits that would help him serve better goods later in the year.

Once he completed his schooling, his pursuit of knowledge compelled him to get his name enrolled in Saint Johns College in Agra. This is where he earned his bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. It was such a huge medical achievement, which was marked as the first step towards his success. However, His aspirations were not limited to the pharmaceutical field. As he was a person who constantly had a passion for personal development and business, he further pursued his education for an MBA in marketing from Amity Business School. This educational background, along with the essential knowledge and skills, helped him to navigate through the entrepreneurship world and motivational speaking.

Physical appearance

Dr. Vivek Bindra is known for having a great and prominent physical appearance. He has a command presence that can easily capture the attention of people around him. He stands tall and exceeds confidence which makes him a striking figure in the world of entrepreneurship and motivational speaking. Bindra definitely has a great height with a very distinguished appearance that is marked by his expressive eyes. It is something that conveys his passion and determination. He has a charismatic smile, which radiates approachability and warmth, which makes him reliable and relatable for audiences coming from different backgrounds. Vivek Bindra certainly has a dynamic personality, which is further accentuated by his distinguished appearance. Coming to the choice of attire, which most commonly is a professional and sharp symbol, showcases his expertise and professionalism in the field.

Personal life and family

Apart from the remarkable career of Dr Bindra, he is someone who provides a lot of value to the Family. He’s a person who cherishes his personal life as a sanctuary of support and love. He is happily married, but he always chooses to keep his personal life secret. However, their relationship is certainly a testament to the fact that a loved one requires a lot of privacy. 

There have been a lot of questions about Vivek Bindra’s wife recently. His former wife was Geetika Sabharwal, who was a former associate professor. However, after they got divorced, he continued to enjoy his life. He then got married to his second wife, Yanika Bindra. He has a son named Madhav Bindra, who is from Vivek Bindra’s first marriage. Apart from this, Vivek Bindra’s parents include his mom, Prabha and father, who died when he was 2.5 years old. His mother remarried after her husband’s death. He has siblings named Chahat Thakral, who live in a foreign country.

Vivek Bindra is not only devoted to his family, but it also extends to his extended family. He values the bond that he shares with his viewers and pays attention to fostering connection and making personal relationships and growth. Such a support system has played an important role in shaping the values and outlook of his life.

Being a family man, Vivek Bindra clearly understands the value of work-life harmony. He is a person who constantly strives to create a proper balance. Such a commitment to his personal life not only enriches the experience but also gives depth and authenticity to his motivational speaking.


Dr Vivek Bindra’s career is certainly a testament to his relentless pursuit and determination of excellence. After he completed his MBA in marketing from the Amity Business School, he was set on a journey where he wanted to leave an inevitable mark in the world of motivation and business.

In 2007, Vivek Bindra started his own company named Global ACT or Global Academy for Consulting and Training. Such an endeavor started his initial journey to entrepreneurship. As he was the person who was leading the business, global ACT could gain great prominence by providing top-notch consulting and training services to various professional professionals and businesses. His commitment and innovative strategies provided great results, which helped him to earn the reputation of a great entrepreneur.

Beyond the traditional business approach, his passion also helped him to get a lot of success. He has a profound interest in motivation and personal development, which compelled him to establish Bada Business Private Ltd in 2019. Such a venture represented a huge shift in his career when he started his venture into online education. Through this, Vivek Bindra was able to leverage the amazing power of digital platforms to offer training to millions, skill development and valuable knowledge to worldwide business enthusiasts. Vivek Bindra’s career has been defined by his ability to empower and inspire others. His impactful and energetic speeches create a conviction and motivate countless organizations and individuals to reach their potential and overcome challenges. His journey from entrepreneurship to becoming a motivational speaker and educator showcases his multifaceted career, which is due to his constant professional and personal Growth.

Motivational speaking

Vivek Bindra’s career took a huge turn when he started his journey in the world of motivational speaking. His charismatic presence and amazing ability to inspire people to meet him are some of the most prominent names in the world of motivation and personal development.

Bindra’s journey to motivational speaking has been marked by his impactful and powerful speeches, which deeply resonate with audiences. His dynamic talks and energizing personality leave a sense of determination and purpose. He has an extraordinary talent for connecting with people from different walks of life which makes Messages actionable and relatable. As he has been a person who has traveled to different parts of India and beyond, Vivek Bindra was able to deliver motivational talks and other training sessions to different audiences, such as entrepreneurs, professionals, and students. 

With his motivational speaking and engagement, Vivek Bindra has not only become a person who inspires people but also equipped people with the proper mindset and tools required for overcoming challenges and achieving goals.

Net worth

Dr Vivek Bindra’s net worth has been one of the most common questions of people because of his success in the world of motivational speaking and business. However, it is a reflection of his remarkable journey from a humble beginning to becoming a successful motivational speaker and an entrepreneur. According to the latest estimates, Vivek Bindra’s net worth can be estimated to be around $15 million. It is a substantial wealth, which is also a testament to the multiple resources.

Vivek Bindra’s earnings come from different channels, which include best-selling books, training programs, online courses, and motivational speaking engagements. He has been an influential person in the business world with his ability to educate and inspire people.

Vivek Bindra’s house

Vivek Bindra’s house is again a reflection of his well-deserved success. It is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, where his house is a reflection of a luxurious and beautiful home that showcases his achievements, perseverance, hard work, and resilience. It is definitely a comfortable place for his family and a place where everyone can find inspiration and solace. His property showcase is sophistication and elegance, which reflects his taste in lifestyle. It is also a tranquil retreat which gives tranquility and peace. He is required to recharge and continue his motivational speaking and entrepreneurship journey.


In his career, Vivek Bindra has encountered great challenges and controversies. Some of the controversies revolve around the allegations of him being unethical towards business practices and offering misleading marketing tactics in the training programs. Critics have also questioned the effectiveness and raised concerns about authenticity. However, it is important to note that Bindra has been defending his impact and methods of teaching. He has emphasized real-world results that have been achieved by several businesses and individuals through his mentorship and guidance.

Apart from this, on 11 December 2023, there was a huge controversy with another popular Indian motivational speaker – Sandeep Maheshwari. Sandeep Maheshwari uploaded a video where he gave the title of Big Scam Exposed. In this video, three boys alleged that after making an investment of ₹50,000 in a business course, they did not learn any business skills, which is when they demanded a refund from the company, but they denied it.

Even when Maheshwari did not take any name and the associated business, the public alleged that the scammer might be Vivek Bindra. Later, Bindra wrote in the community post that he would like to talk to Maheshwari regarding the video and added that Maheshwari was constantly deleting the comments favoring Bindra from the YouTube video.


So this is all about Dr Vivek Bindra and his remarkable journey from a small town to becoming a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker and high net worth individual. He has undergone several challenges but has never stopped working hard and keeping faith in his talent and knowledge.


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