period pain relief tips

If you have to deal with period pain every month constantly, you should definitely find out some of the best period pain relief tips to make those days comfortable. There is no denying that it becomes really inconvenient and uncomfortable if you get cramps every time. However, in order to reduce such experiences, you should always pay attention to the menstrual cycle.

If you want to understand the reason behind period cramps, you need to understand its working by understanding our reproductive system in females. During the normal reproductive cycle, the female body prepares for a normal pregnancy, which is the reason for menstruation or called a period. The shedding of tissues and blood inside the uterus is called menstruation.

While shedding the internal lining, the blood vessels and muscles generally contract. Such contraction is the primary reason for period cramps, which different women experience in various manners. However, severe pain can be experienced, which makes it really difficult to complete typical tasks every day.

Effective period pain relief tips

Heat Patch:

As the uterus is an organ that contains muscles, applying a heat patch for period pain can be very beneficial. It can be remarkably effective in relaxing the muscles, thereby reducing cramps. There have been several studies made on women using heat, which led to reducing the cramps faster.

You can use different kinds of heat patches or hot bags on the lower abdomen, and it will significantly provide results during the period of pain.

Period pain relief patch:

These days, with several advances in medical science, women can find it easy to get rid of period pain. The availability of pain relief patches in the market easily helps women to reduce their period pain without having any kind of medication. These patches are very simple to use and can be extremely effective in reducing cramps.

Whether you want to buy a patch online or offline, make sure you search for it and take a look at the details to understand its effectiveness.


Acupressure is another way of reducing period pain. It helps to relieve pain, as mentioned by a famous doctor. This is an ancient healing system which works by relaxing the nervous system, thereby allowing an improved blood flow to the internal organs and reducing inflammation.

You can seek help from practitioners to understand the acupressure points for period pain. Using acupressure methodology not only reduces the period pain but also ensures no side effects.


Even if you were not aware of the benefits of yoga, especially in period pain relief, you should understand it by now. Yoga practice includes muscle stretching and relaxing your mental condition, which often becomes one of the best choices to get period pain relief instantly.

However, you have to keep a fair expectation that it would not work immediately like any medication. Since it is a practice, you have to make sure that you do this yoga pose with the advice of an instructor during your period or while you’re in your period. This will promote natural flow.

Herbal Tea:

Even when not many people are aware of the benefits of tea, herbal tea has proven to become one of the best choices for relieving menstrual cramps. As mentioned by a dietician nutritionist, it has been mentioned that having herbal tea during menstruation has been followed in several cultures for centuries. The presence of peppermint and Chamomile can release and relieve menstrual pain as it can calm your body.

Besides, what you eat during this time will have a definite impact on the period pain. Make sure you start having foods with more magnesium, like spinach, black beans, peanut butter and yogurt. These magnesium-rich foods are extremely valuable for cramp relief.

Hopefully, these few period pain relief tips will help you to reduce the pain.


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