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Whether it is India or outside, everyone is waiting for Pathaan to release. The highly anticipated movie featuring Shah Rukh Khan has been getting a range of reviews. Its release date has become one of the biggest trends on social media websites. It totally seems that SRK has been really working hard for this movie for a good long period of time and is one of the most talked about topics in B town currently. 

So, in this blog, we have provided all the current information regarding the Pathaan movie to help you get detailed knowledge of Pathaan release date, star cast, budget, Deepika Padukone’s hot new look, and much more. Read out the article for more details.

Pathaan Release Date

According to the reports generated by the media, it indicates that the Pathaan release date is on 25th January 2023. Siddharth Anand is directing the upcoming action drama featuring Shahrukh Khan. It is scheduled to release in the first month of 2023. Aditya Chopra is a producer of this film and is produced under the Yash Raj films banner. It is controlled by the Chopra family.

Both Sidharth Anand and Danish Alam have written the screenplay for this movie Pathaan. There are three main characters which feature Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham, and Deepika Padukone. It’s been a long time since Shah Rukh Khan made any appearances or announcements regarding his films. His fan followers were all waiting for a movie to finally show up where they could find their favorite movie star.

However, the wait is almost over. This movie starring Shah Rukh Khan, will be shown in the theaters. The Badshah of Bollywood is known for his excellent action and thriller movies. So, yet another time, he has come up with an intriguing thriller. King Khan was spotted several times outside Yash Raj Studios, which is a good sign as he has only given back-to-back hits with this production house. Now that you know the Pathaan release date hold your horses as it will soon hit the theaters.

Pathaan Trailor Released

The moment that you have eagerly awaited has finally arrived. Trailer of Pathanan launched today.

Starcast of Pathaan

Pathaan movie is anticipated to have both a crime story and a thriller in a futuristic setting. There is a report that the recordings in this movie will cover several parts of the Middle east in several segments of this film. In this movie, John Abraham will be playing the role of an antagonist, who is a formidable drug lord. In the range of events, he needs to let loose a savage killer who once took the life of his mother.

In this movie, King Khan is given the role of the RAW agent, and Deepika Padukone is working in the role of a police officer. You will find both the characters coming to life on the large screen and provide a cinematic experience that we all were eager to see. It belongs to the well-known genre of police chasing criminals. Deepika Padukone’s hot avatar is a pleasure to her followers.

pathaan starcast banner

The movie will be available in different languages like Hindi, Telugu, and Tamil. One of the best parts of this movie is watching King Khan again on the large screen.

Some of the prime characters in this movie are:

Shah Rukh Khan playing as Pathaan

  • Deepika Padukone
  • John Abraham
  • Dimple Kapadia
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Chahal Gavie

Budget for the Pathaan movie

As you have already heard, it is a Yash Raj film production, and you can definitely guess the vast budget for making this movie. However, the production team has not made any kind of official statement regarding any critical details about the Pathaan release date or others. So, it is still undercover.

However, several critics have said that the film budget can be estimated to be around 250 crores. It is a huge-budgeted movie that will be made public and feature some of the best in the industry. It can be easily estimated by watching the huge star cast of this movie and the amazing locations that the Yash Raj films production has a considerable budget.

If you are a huge fan of Shah Rukh Khan and would love to see on-screen chemistry with Deepika Padukone, don’t miss this upcoming thriller and crime movie. Despite the production team not sharing a word about the movie and its budget, this king khan starring movie can definitely be guessed to be among the top-budget movies of the year.

An overview of the Pathaan movie

Name of the moviePathaan
Producer Aditya Chopra
ProductionYash raj Films
Language Hindi
Dubbed versionsTamil and Telugu
GenreAction thriller
Budget250 crore
Lead CastShah Rukh Khan and Other
Film TypeBollywood Movie
Release Date25th January 2023

Pathan Movie New Song – Jhoome Jo Pathaan

It is pretty understandable that the wait is too much, as being an SRK fan, you might be eagerly waiting for the movie. With a great storyline and screenplay, this movie is all set to make a huge buzz in B-town. Watching Deepika and King Khan once again on the screen will be such eye-pleasing.

The Pathaan movie trailer

While not much of the trailer has been released for this movie, it can be easily anticipated from King Khan’s look that it will be an action trailer. The way he is being given the costume and style makes him look even more intriguing.

We are sure that you have watched the Besharam song released by this movie, and undoubtedly it has become the latest sensation in the online world. Whether on Facebook or Instagram, the Besharam song is trending everywhere. The song definitely has a twist in it where Deepika can be seen in a completely new avatar. Deepika Padukone’s hot and bold look is new to everyone. 

However, people like SRK more than the sensual appeal of Deepika Padukone, and he has taken years to build such an awesome physique. We’re sure that SRK is going to become the latest sensation with his chiseled body. It doesn’t look like he is aging, but he is only becoming better with age.

Where can you watch Pathaan? 

The much anticipated Pathaan movie will feature John Abraham, who is playing the role of a merciless gangster. After killing his own father, SRK is working as a RAW agent who is constantly hunting for him. While the plot seems pretty intimidating, we are yet to find the screenplay on the big screen.

Even when there is no such news about the release on the OTT platform, the official Pathaan Release date can be estimated around 25th January 2023. However, you can keep an expectation that there will be no release on the OTT platform before March end or in the initial week of April. It has been heard that the OTT giant Amazon has already reserved the slot for the Pathaan movie.

Fans have already gone Gaga after the release of its teaser. As SRK has fans throughout the world, it will be dubbed in two other languages as well. SRK has made his return after a long while, as he was last seen in the movie Zero. This Multi starrer film has a whooping budget of 250 crores, and the return of SRK is certainly going to make it a big hit at the box office.

Shahrukh khan’s body fitness in the movie

How can we talk and not pay attention to the great body fitness made by SRK? No wonder SRK was long known for his chocolate boy look, but it seems he has definitely put a lot of energy and time into creating such a physique. It is impossible to know his age from his body and logs. This 57-year-old hunk has been making a huge buzz around on the internet with his extremely well-maintained physique.

Shahrukh khan's body fitness in the movie

The cuts in his body are visible in the song itself. People are not only talking about the sensational appeal of Deepika Padukone, as Pathaan has taken the limelight this time. His amazing physique, combined with the rock costumes and looks, has definitely taken the entire focus. This time, SRK has done everything to take away the breath of his followers.

If you’re a fan of King Khan, this movie is a must-watch. It will soon be available in the theaters, and you need to book your tickets in advance. The theaters will remain houseful and can be anticipated to have a long run.

Deepika’s costume in Pathaan movie

Deepika, who is seen with SRK, moving and shaking her body in a sensuous manner, has been in controversy again. The swimwear is undoubtedly highly appealing, and the way she has managed to show her body has made a wave in the online world. Everywhere you go or every website you browse, Deepika can be seen in her sensuous avatar everywhere.

Deepika’s padukone hot

While many people have to talk negatively about her costumes, and the way she has flaunted her skin, it is time that everyone should appreciate her courage to wear the costumes comfortably. She had pulled out all the stunning costumes with her graceful smile and sensual eyes.

Pathaan Is About To Break Into The Theatres

This Yash Raj film production is soon going to hit the theaters and is probably going to become one of the biggest hits of 2023. Watching Shah Rukh Khan in his new luscious and chiseled avatar will be pleasing to our eyes. Coming to Deepika Padukone, we are yet to unveil more of her acting skills in her new role in this movie.

With the Pathaan Release Date unveiled, fans are probably now counting the days until the movie hits the theaters and watch their favorite stars together.

FAQs Related Pathaan Release Date 

Pathaan Release Date?

25 January 2023

Pathaan movie writer?

Shridhar Raghavan

What is the budget of Pathan movie?

250 crores

Pathaan Trailor Released Date?

10 Jan’22


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