Bigg Boss 17 Wild Card Entry Ayesha Khan

Bigg Boss never fails to surprise its contestants and viewers with a New surprise every day. After the previous wildcard entry, Bigg Boss Season 17, the new wildcard entry is Ayesha Khan. She is the alleged ex-girlfriend of Munawar Faruqui. Being one of the popular contestants in the Bigg Boss season17, this wildcard entry of Ayesha Khan has created a lot of questions among the viewers and contestants. If you don’t know much about Ayesha Khan’s hot controversies and her relationship with Munawar, make sure that you go through this guide.

In this blog, we will try to find out more about Ayesha Khan, her background and her biography. Being one of the most searched and popular discussions, she is the new talk of the town.

Early life and background of Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan was born on 13 September 1991 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. She was born in the bustling city of Maharashtra. Her life has been a proper combination of diverse cultural experiences. Being a part of Mumbai, she has some knowledge about cultural diversity. However, while she was growing up, she spent most of her time in Canada and Abu Dhabi. This has provided her with even more room to grow and expand her knowledge to get a global perspective.

Her family includes her brother, Shabaz Khan, who works in the Merchant Navy. This person has been one of the most important parts of her life. Ayesha Khan pursued her education in architecture and interior design from a popular Canadian Institute. This is where she started her foundation in the creative Pursuit. 

Her Career in acting and modeling

Just like any other Indian girl with the dream of being a popular model and actress, Ayesha Khan is no exception. Ayesha had shown her knack and interest in the performing arts. Her immense passion guided her path towards the modeling industry. This is where she started her career in Print photoshoots. She walked for different fashion brands. Her poised demeanor and graceful attitude were able to get the attention of people from the fashion world. This led her way to the runway, where she did not fail to dazzle people at fashion events.

Back in 2019, Ayesha was able to get recognised due to her talent and beauty. She was crowned as Miss Naviwood in 2019. This was a significant milestone in her modeling career. Her journey did not stop there as she was then featured in several Punjabi musical videos where her expression and appearance were able to give a new dimension. In addition to this, it also added to her portfolio. Some of these videos are Reborn Heer, Mohabbat Ke Kabil and Guitar, where people were able to find her versatility as a model and also connect with the audience.

Break into the acting industry

After gaining fame in the modeling industry, her transition to the acting industry was clearly marked by her debut in one of the most popular fantasy television series named Bal Veer Returns. This was aired back in 2020, where she was playing the role of Birba. Her acting in television set a new stage to enter into the film industry, as people were now aware of her acting skills.

In 2022, Ayesha Khan was able to make a huge leap by getting a role in one of the most popular Telugu films named Mukhachitram. In this movie, she was portraying the character Maya Fernandes, who was a lawyer to fight for justice. Her performance in the movie was thoroughly appreciated because of the charisma and depth she brought to the character. She earned several positive reviews from critics and audiences. Her role in the movie not only solidified her position in this industry but also displayed that she is capable of working and acting for different characters.

Her entry in Bigg Boss season 17 created more controversies and public attention

Ayesha Khan’s participation in the 17th season of the Bigg Boss reality show in 2023 made her come into the limelight. She was the wildcard entry in Bigg Boss 17 not only because of her significant career moves and her prominent personality but also due to some personal quest. The show has become a platform for her to confront her ex-boyfriend. Munawar faruqui. This person is a contestant in Bigg Boss Season 17 and is a popular rapper and comedian. Several revelations made by Ayesha Khan regarding the past relationship and the emotional investment she made in the past relationship clearly added layers of drama to the show. It captured the audience’s attention to a much bigger extent.

Personal life and social media influence

Ayesha Khan is not only a person who has a great appearance in the modeling and glamor industry, but she seems to be a popular personality on social media as well. She has a fan following of more than 1.5 million on Instagram. When you take a look at her Instagram posts, it provides a clear look into her personal life, where she showcases her style, sense, beauty, and also some updates regarding professional and personal pursuits. And inspiration for many.

When you take a look into her personal life, Ayesha continues to stay unmarried but has been the center of many controversies, especially those associated with her ex-boyfriend. Her wildcard entry on the show also showcases that she demanded an apology from her ex-boyfriend. It clearly paints a picture that a woman is standing for her self-respect and her beliefs.

Interests and lifestyle of Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan is a traveler and a reader, apart from being a model and actor. She is someone who loves to explore new ideas and cultures. In addition to this, she is a Pure dog lover, which is clearly evident from her social media account. He will find here where she posts pictures with her dog. Fitness is another aspect of her life, as her social social media account shows how she considers fitness as one of the most important elements in her life. She follows a strict workout regimen to maintain her physique and health.

The net worth of Ayesha Khan

Being a successful actor and model and being a part of a television reality show, Ayesha Khan has a successful career which continues to grow. Her net worth has been estimated to be more than ₹2 crores. It clearly is a reflection of her popularity in the entertainment industry and her achievements in this field.


There is no denying the fact that the entry of Ayesha Khan as the wildcard in Bigg Boss season 17 created a new star in the industry, not only among the audience but also among the contestants of the house. This young girl continues to become a recognised face and never fails to create drama. She is a tale of resilience, talent and ambition, which can be easily depicted in her career. Her multifaceted controversies, personal life and career, make her a figure of inspiration and interest. If you find Ayesha Khan hot, it is because of her interest in living a healthy lifestyle. She continues to evolve as an artist and an individual in the dynamic world of Indian entertainment.


By saransh