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Delhi rules the government and hence, proved! From Anti-National and Naxal to what not, political parties have criticized him. However, he has changed the narrative with the best achievements as the chief minister. The elections of 2020 witnessed a huge victory for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Instead of focusing on caste and religious discrimination, Arvind Kejriwal focuses on the development and the result is just out in the veil of a huge victory. 

AAP deserves to win the 2020 elections for improving the lives of common people. It works not on papers or yojanas but on the ground level. From education to healthcare, Kejriwal is the one, who focuses on improving the infrastructure of the heart of the country. AAP under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal has not disappointed with its promises. 

AAP AchievementsRating out of 10
Night Shelters10
Women’s Safety9/10

In fact, AAP is the first party in the history of Delhi to take initiative to improve the education and healthcare sector in the last five years. Party’s achievement is worth praising despite the harsh criticism from uncooperative opposition and the mainstream media. From wiping every tear from the eye of the poorest to providing the quote “We are sevak of the public”, Arvind Kejriwal has proved that he is the most admirable candidate for the PM’s chair in 2020. 

The achievements give the AAP government 10 on 10 for fixing broken Delhi. Have a glance at the achievements by AAP and ratings given by the public. 

Healthcare 9/10 

Key tenet of the AAP government is highlighted by the improvement of public healthcare in the city. The Mohalla Clinic scheme is one of the most notable efforts in the direction of healthcare. The establishment of around a hundred facilities within the first five months where treatment of 8 lakh patients was done according to the government data. And, six super specialty hospitals with around 1,000 free beds can’t be neglected of course. 

Education 9/10

More than 8,000 new classrooms, state-of-the-art facilities in a total of 54 schools, and 21 new school buildings are the best achievements that need to be highlighted here. AAP prevented fee hikes in private schools and the schools had to refund money to parents. 

Power 10/10

Kejriwal Sarkar didn’t hike electricity tariff, which is true to its election manifesto (during 2015 and 2016). In fact, it benefited domestic consumers consuming up to 400 units of electricity per month with a 50% subsidy. Moreover, Delhiites do not need to pay the electricity bill for consuming less than 200 units. 

Night Shelters 10/10

AAP government installed around 200 functional night shelters to almost 17,000 people with 23 rescue teams deployed to rescue the homeless. The condition of homeless people has improved since the past in the supervision of the AAP Party. 

Women’s Safety 9/10

5,500 former home guards deployed as marshals in buses improved the condition of women in the capital. Of course, there is much more to be done in the favor of women empowerment and AAP will certainly do the job in 2020. 

AAP government as promised completed almost 90% work and the overall performance of the party if compared with others deserves 10 on 10. Of course, the APP’s 5-year report card. Catch more updates about Kejriwal’s Government and its promises to know how the broken Delhi has been fixed. 


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